‘Cobra Kai’: What is the real age of the protagonists?

Some of them are a real surprise. That really is keeping well … And two actors even share birthdays!

With just over a month to go until the expected premiere of season 4 of Cobra KaiThe launch of a first trailer by Netflix that allows us to see the cast headed by Ralph Macchio and William Zabka back in action is already eagerly awaited. The now full-fledged Netflix original series has experienced a meteoric trajectory, after having turned out to be a great surprise when it was only an original series on the YouTube Red streaming platform and it reached the Big N catalog for international distribution.

Sequel to the famous Karate Kid franchise, the most nostalgic element of the formula for success that is completely Cobra Kai it is not the exclusive reason for his great success, but his ability to have adapted the story that captivated us in the 80s and continue it adapted to our days by the hand of new characters that they have quickly caught the attention of the new generations.

We love to see who the mythical ones have become Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, now Senseisbut their new apprentices. New and fresh characters that more faithfully represent the problems of those ages, as well as those that arise between the walls of educational centers today. As the series progresses, some of these students leave to welcome new ones, while the doors remain open for potential returns.

In the quarry of young actors of Cobra Kai some promises of the interpretation begin to stand out, that they leave their skin to give the best version of themselves as apprentices of the different dojos through intense training. Some of them already adults and other adolescents, You may be surprised to know the real age of each of the cast members of the Netflix series, since the series continues with that usual tradition in fiction of having adult actors to play teenagers. Others, however, are ‘teens’. And, as a curiosity, we will tell you that two of them share birthdays.

What is the real age of the ‘Cobra Kai’ actors?

Ralph Macchio

The person in charge of interpreting Daniel LaRusso, Ralph Macchio, currently has 60 years.

William Zabka

The person in charge of interpreting Johnny Lawrence, William Zabka, currently has 56 years.

Xolo Maridueña

The person in charge of interpreting Miguel Díaz, Xolo Maridueña, currently has 20 years.

Tanner Buchanan

The one in charge of playing Robby Keene, Tanner Buchannan, currently has 22 years.

Mary Mouser

The person in charge of playing Samantha LaRusso, Mary Mouser, currently has 25 years. She is the oldest of the young cast of characters.

Jacob Bertrand

Eli Moskowitz / Hawk player Jacob Bertrand currently has 21 years. Jacob also shares a birthday with one of the original cast members of the films: Martin Kove (John Kreese).

Gianni Decenzo

The person in charge of interpreting Demetri, Gianni Decenzo, is currently 20 years old. The youngest of the cast.

Martin Kove

The person in charge of interpreting John Kreese, Martin Kove, currently has 75 years. The oldest of the cast.

Peyton List

The person in charge of playing Tory Nichols, Peyton List, currently has 23 years.