Colt Bingers in full

Excellent idea that followed by Fluide Glacial which decided to publish in full the adventures of Colt Bingers. Appeared in short episodes in the review in the years 2009-2001, the adventures of the B-series cop played by screenwriter Pascal Jousselin (“Unbeatable”) and cartoonist Lionel Chouin (“Les Mémoires mortes”, “Morin Lourdel”) therefore parade at all costs in this recapitulative opus. The starting point of Colt Bingers’ manhunt is the horrific death of his wife, whose murderer is identified as a one-legged one-eyed man who has mysteriously disappeared in the wild. It will therefore suffice for our hero with rather rustic methods to ride his motorcycle to flush out the intrudent. But as the authors’ bias consists in declining the episodes of Bingers under a parody pen, the manhunt, despite the fairly repetitive structure, turns out to be tasty and quite funny. Detective series and American films are often mocked there, in their excesses as in those which characterize American society. So much so that Colt Bingers has time to make the death of many victims whom he believes to be his man, between delirious pursuits and positions of the opinion supporting the vigilante. The FBI, still uninspired with its two figures resembling Mulder and Scully from “The X-Files”, finally convinces of the eminently comic character of these adventures concluded by a trial such as only America can offer.