Compromising videos of Benjamin Griveaux: the former spokesperson returns to the case of the sextape in “Five years”

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Broadcast on Sunday January 16 on France 5, the documentary Five Years looks back on the five years that followed the presidential election of Emmanuel Macron. Directors Raphaëlle Baillot and Jérôme Bermyn on this occasion questioned the former government spokesperson Benjamin Griveaux on the case of compromising videos.

Benjamin Griveaux comes out of the silence. The documentary Five Years, produced by Bangumi and which aims to retrace the years of French history since the election of Emmanuel Macron, returned to the “sex scandal that hit the municipal campaign”. It will be broadcast on France 5 on January 16 at 9 p.m.

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The former minister was convinced by the two directors Raphaëlle Baillot and Jerôme Bermy to testify. At the time of the “scandal”, social networks were inundated with videos and captures of messages of a sexual nature sent by Benjamin Griveaux and addressed to Alexandra de Taddeo, with whom he had had a brief relationship. On February 14, 48 hours later, the candidate for mayor of Paris and former government spokesperson announced his withdrawal from the campaign and from political life in general.

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“It’s very violent”

“I am not announcing it yet but it is obvious that I will not be able to continue to present a candidacy” he explains to the cameras, according to the Huffington post. After resigning from his mandate as a Member of Parliament, he set up his strategy consulting firm for business leaders and embarked on a monthly program “Smart & Strat” ​​on the B Smart television channel.

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“It’s very violent” promises Benjamin Griveaux, when asked about the impact of the “scandal” on his life. “The first reaction is anger against myself. I obviously lacked vigilance. That is the anger of the politician” he explains, adding that there was then “the anger of the husband and of the father of three children, that one, I would keep it to myself. ”For the former spokesperson, this exhibition of his private life shows“ the absolute violence to which political opponents are ready to destroy privacy , the person and not the ideas of the people “.

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