Concerts des Enfoirés 2023: “I don’t like this display” … these stars who refuse to participate and those who will not return

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The concert event of the Enfoirés will be broadcast this Friday, March 3 on TF1. This unmissable event for the benefit of the Restos du Coeur is shunned by some French-speaking stars. Here are which…

The great concert of the Enfoirés troupe will be broadcast this Friday, March 3 on TF1. Filmed in January at the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon, the show will feature many artists, such as Zazie, Patrick Bruel, Julien Clerc, Amel Bent, Lorie Pester or Mimie Mathy. We will also note the presence of Mentissa and Sofia Essaïdi, rugby player Antoine Dupont, or Formula 1 champion Esteban Ocon. On the other hand, no Gims, Stromae, Angele, Orelsan, Julien Doré… Why do these great French-speaking stars refuse to participate in the operation for the benefit of the Restos du Coeur?

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“I have another conception of charity”

“I do good causes on my side”, says Booba in Télé Loisirs. Asked by Youtubeur Sam Zirah, the singer Keen’V explains: “I know that I would not feel in my place (…) I would not bear to see excesses of ego or fuss on the part of certain artists”. Stromae also declined the invitation, as did Orelsan, Angela, gims And Julien Dore : “I do not like this display, I have another conception of charity. I prefer to help associations on my side without shouting it from the rooftops”, confided the singer to the newspaper Le Matin a few years ago. years. On his side Mylène Farmer admitted to TV Magazine in 2011 that he did not feel “at ease in a group”. “I am more serene in an individual approach. It is a question of character, I believe”. Sheila goes further: “It took a turn that, personally, I don’t like”. Gérard Depardieu, Patrick Sebastian And Laurent Gerra have also decided not to join the troop

The artists who will no longer return to the Enfoirés troupe

Michel Sardou And Eddy Mitchell were part of the very first troupe of the Enfoirés in 1989 have declared that they will no longer participate. As renaud who now refuses to go “clown” in the show. Yannick Noah, Lara Fabian And Helen Segarathey too will no longer set foot there. Jean Marie Bigard, present until 2001, had explained on RTL: “I did not agree on two or three things, in particular to keep money which was not used, whereas it was not the will of Coluche”. As for Muriel Robin, godmother of the Enfoirés from 1992 to 2007, she drew a definitive line. “Les Enfoirés, it’s over for me,” she announced.