Condom. A growing partnership around musical notes

the essential
Now the main financial supporter of the festival, Crédit Mutuel has been providing its expertise in terms of musical events for ten years.

When it opened its branch in Condom, Crédit Mutuel quickly found a partner with the Bandas Festival to pursue the company’s policy in favor of musical events. To date, Crédit Mutuel has sponsored more than 600 musical posters and 90 festivals, including Printemps de Bourges. Over the years, the local Condom fund, helped by the federation, has even become the first private partner of the event. “With the director, Alexandre Meneault, we are delighted that the mutual bank is in solidarity with this major event in the city”, confirmed yesterday morning the president Philippe Boué. “The festival has benefited in particular from the expertise of Jean-Pierre Gau, director of development in the region in recent years, to set up screens at both ends of Place Saint-Pierre so that as many people as possible can enjoy the show. proposed on the main stage. He also accompanied the creation of the bodega du festayre and launched the evenings of the partners”.

Technical support

Crédit Mutuel is obviously also at the forefront in its sector. “It will thus install nearly thirty payment terminals at the various entrances to the enclosure and in the refreshment bars in order to secure financial transactions, not to mention the ten terminals made available to the participating associations. stage and screens, the bus poster campaign in the urban areas of Pau, Tarbes and Agen, the 18 kakemonos installed at the entrances to the city, will also illustrate this partnership which is gaining even more momentum for this year of recovery after two white years”, explains Alexandre Meneault.

“Before them, no bank had wanted to support us”, recalls Pierre Verduzan who is delighted with this support from the local bank, “which to date brings together 120 associations”, notes President Boué.