Condom: a major exhibition for the 50th anniversary of bandas

the essential
A retrospective in images of the festival will be offered in April at the Espace Saint-Michel. Preparations are well underway to stage photos and objects around different themes.

To salute 50 years of bandas in Condom, the organizers are not only planning an exceptional program for the festival, on May 12, 13 and 14, but also several upstream events. Among these, a major exhibition will be presented from April 14 to 23 at the Espace Saint-Michel.

To set it up, Françoise Dorbes, general secretary of the festival, surrounded herself with a whole team. “In addition to Louisa Delor, an employee of the association, there are three of us on the board of directors: Pierrette Pourquet, Benoit Auprètre and myself, joined by Marie-Claude Montané-Séailles, for her expertise in organizing exhibitions, Marc Le Saux for the photos, and Marcel Sempéré, graphic designer and creator, who also designed the poster for the exhibition; a harmonious team”, appreciates Françoise.

The collective has been at work since the fall. “At first, we collected the photos but also many objects to constitute the background of the exhibition. We are also always interested in graphic works inspired by the festival and small unusual objects”.

Movies too

The Fenestra fund, brought together in the departmental archives, the photos of Alain Pinson, Jean-Pierre Larribeau and Marc Le Saux constitute a wealth of photos that currently need to be sorted. “We started with seven main themes: the socio-economic aspect, the environment and eco-citizenship, youth and transmission, the life of musicians, conviviality and exchanges between generations, the place of the city and the department. . Added to this is the main theme, the 50-year history of the event”.

A film is also produced by Paul Peytoureau for the occasion in order to present testimonies and meetings from different sites in the city. It will be broadcast on a loop during the exhibition. Faithful to the festival for years, Guy Normand is also preparing a compilation of his films from a festive angle.

“All the photos will be digitized and presented on tarpaulins, which will then make it possible to move the exhibition to different sites, to our partners but also probably as part of a traveling exhibition. Within the exhibition, we would also like to set up a corner for exchanges and discussion and, perhaps, to offer a conference”, announces Françoise Dorbes again.