Condom: “Tous en scène” intends to get back in the saddle

the essential
Very impacted by the pandemic, then by a violent storm last summer, the association’s performance hall was unable to present its concert season. But new projects are born…

The city’s concert halls can be counted on the fingers of one hand and that of “Tous en Scène” is certainly unique in the diversity and quality of its programming. Suffice to say that the faithful of the premises of the rue de la République feel like orphans, they who have had their habits there since 2015. The same goes for the students of the music school who were welcomed there.
But the violent storm that raged last summer, dumping loads of hailstones on La Bouquerie, got the better of the good will of Marie Sonnino, the president of the association. “Following the flooding of our premises in August, we did not hear back from our insurance until December. As we did not know how high we were going to be compensated, we were unable to commit to the craftsmen”. It was therefore necessary to give up on the concert season which usually begins in the fall. And roll up your sleeves! “Volunteers take care of all the minor renovations. This takes time and delays the reopening of the hall”.

New premises

This bad luck happened when the association had recently had an outdoor stage and had acquired a house adjoining its hall, to develop its projects around a rehearsal studio, for artists’ residences in particular. Fortunately, this project is progressing well. “To date, we have completed the renovation of the classrooms, rehearsal rooms and artists’ dressing rooms in the new premises. This Saturday, the most motivated of our volunteers are expected to finish the upholstery and paint, lay the parquet floor… From next week, these new premises will be open every day to advance work and fittings. When they are operational, we will be able to move on to renovating the performance hall and, above all, relaunch our activities a little, with the resumption of classes and reception. A smooth return before the next school year, in September.