Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 2 would be real: its launch is just around the corner and there are already clues that support it – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The mass of players that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive moves is amazing. There is hundreds of thousands of users playing every day and it seems that people will never stop playing it. However, there are already various rumors that point to a close launch of CS:GO 2and various clues support these claims.

The one who dropped the bomb was Richard Lewis, a renowned e-Sports journalist, who points out that Counter-Strike 2 will be announced very soon and will also be available at beta phase this March. Lewis claims that he has (anonymous) sources at Valve telling him that “a new version of Counter-Strike is on the way and has been in the works for some time.”

The development of this video game would have been a priority for Valve, which explains that CS:GO has been neglected for some time: “The big priority is to get this out and then polish it up, fix any bugs and bring it to the level people expect from CS.” As expected, the graphics engine used is the Source 2 and the improvements will be focused on the graphic section and optimization.

There may be low-end users who are underperforming with CS:GO now, but Valve would be committed to leave no one behind. One of the novelties is that there will be official servers and it would be equated in this way with Valorant, and it is likely that we will see them ready in the beta. Another detail to note is that the matchmaking system will be improved with features that make third-party services unnecessary.

In short, Lewis’s sources have made it clear that the game was “almost ready to go“What’s more, CS:GO 2 would have been tested by several professional players in secret at Valve’s headquarters located in Seattle. It is still unknown what the future of current CS:GO will be. The question is whether this new game will will replace or both will live together.In addition, this is all supported by the new NVIDIA drivers, which is that it introduced support for “csgos2.exe and cs2.exe”, as seen in the tweet above.

CS:GO continues to accumulate millions of players

Counterstrike Global Offensive

It is a game that has been in the community for more than 10 years, and people continue to play like the first day. It was about 20 days ago when he broke the player record. The previous record was 1,308,963 people, while the recent peak of concurrent users stands at 1,365,274 peoplebased on data from Steam DB in the last 24 hours.