Covid-19: Brigitte Bardot does not want to be vaccinated

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Brigitte Bardot declared on Wednesday January 5 to the magazine “Gala” not to want to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The 87-year-old actress says she is “allergic to all chemicals.”

The actress Brigitte Bardot revealed, Wednesday January 5 to the magazine Gala, not wanting to be vaccinated against Covid-19, claiming to be “allergic to all chemicals”.

Asked by the weekly to find out if she was vaccinated, the star, who lives withdrawn in his villa on the Mediterranean coast in Saint-Tropez, replied: “Oh no! I am allergic to all chemicals.” “Even when I traveled to Africa, I refused to do it against yellow fever. My doctor at the time had written me a false certificate. I left and came back in great shape!” -she added, without specifying on what date.

She also felt that she was in good health for an octogenarian. “Sure, I’m 87, but I swear I don’t look like I am. I don’t have white hair, I’m very thin.” “I have double hip osteoarthritis, I walk on crutches, but if I get a rumba, a cha-cha-cha, a Gipsy Kings tune, or something flamenco, I swear I have one of these urges to move … “, she told Gala. “Death will have to be spent there one day. It’s like old age, you can’t escape it,” she said.

66,000 first injections Wednesday

The French government promotes vaccination as the main protection of the population against the Covid-19 epidemic. On Wednesday, the Minister of Health Olivier VĂ©ran welcomed the high number of people who received a first injection during the day: 66,000.

The virus has killed nearly 125,000 people in France since the start of the pandemic.