Covid-19: Dany Boon took the temperature of his relatives at night and washed his face with hydroalcoholic gel

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On the set of Sept à Huit, the French actor Dany Boon returned to his hypochondriac nature, this Sunday, October 10. He confides that he washed his face with hydroalcoholic gel and systematically took the temperature of his relatives.

“I was taking everyone’s temperature.” Guest of the show Sept à Huit, French actor Dany Boon returned to his hypochondriac disorder during the Covid-19 period, this Sunday, October 10. “I took the temperature of everything the world, all the time. After a while, it annoyed my relatives a bit, so I removed the little beep that was there. (…) So I took at night, when people were sleeping. It’s also true, it’s horrible! I am ashamed ! There I say it, and by saying it there I say to myself: but I’m ashamed! ”He confided on the set.

He uses humor to fight the anxieties of life. Hypochondriac by nature, he embodies in his new film which takes us back to the beginning of the pandemic, a hyper anxious, not really far from him …#DanyBoon is “Portrait of the Week” by@audrey_crespo. @ TF1

– Seven to Eight (@ 7a8) October 10, 2021

In parallel with this mania for taking the temperature, Dany Boon had also focused on hydroalcoholic gel. “I disinfect my face with it, which is completely stupid. Which is not a good idea … It burns after a while” says the actor.

Infected with Covid-19

Despite his particularly thorough measures, the actor was infected with Covid-19. “I grabbed it and there I was a little freaked out,” he recalls. Hypochondriac, he buys an oximeter, which allows him to measure his oxygen saturation. “And I was putting it on the wrong finger. I was putting it on the wrong finger, well, on the right finger but not on the right side, so I got 85%. In fact, you can’t go below 94%, 95%. So I obviously called my doctor to tell him: I am at 83% saturation. He replied: You could not talk to me. You must put it wrong … “.

This Wednesday, October 20 will also be released in theaters, of which he is the director, 8 rue de l’Humanité, which traces the beginnings of the pandemic.