Covid-19: Igor Bogdanoff died, six days after his brother Grichka

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Igor Bogdanoff died on Monday January 3, six days after his brother, Grichka. The twins, stars of the 1980s for launching France’s first science fiction TV show, were 72 years old.

Six days after his twin brother Grichka, Igor Bogdanoff in turn died of the Covid-19, this Monday, January 3, at the age of 72. He had been hospitalized since mid-December, like his brother, who died after several days of hospitalization and a coma.

The twins, natives of Saint-Lary in the Gers and stars of the small screen after having hosted the show “Temps X” from 1979, were not vaccinated against the coronavirus, even if the family did not want to, as with Grichka, confirm the cause of death. “In peace and love, surrounded by his children and his family, Igor Bogdanoff left for the light on Monday January 3, 2022”, wrote his relatives in a message sent by his agent.

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Made famous in the 1980s thanks to their show broadcast on TF1, where they evolved in a spaceship setting with futuristic suits, Igor and Grichka had become the object of mockery for their deeply transformed faces that they themselves had. qualified as “extraterrestrials”.

Their scientific works had also caused their share of controversy and had earned them the wrath of part of the scientific community, criticizing the “low value” of their work.

“They were never sick”

Long-time friend of the most famous twins of the PAF, the philosopher Luc Ferry confided last weekend his concern about Igor’s reaction to his possible awakening, learning of the death of his twin: “You imagine his pain when he will learn of his brother’s death? “.

The former Minister of Education also said that he had done everything to convince his friends, naturally considered to be people at risk because of their age, to be vaccinated, without succeeding. “They were not antivax, but against the treatment for themselves,” he said, while the two brothers, sportsmen and very concerned about their weight and their health, certainly thought they were safe. “They were never sick, even their chin was not a disease, it was just botox, they told me,” he added.

Between Gers and Tarn

The two native Gersois leave behind a successful career in the audiovisual industry, in particular thanks to their program “Temps X”, of which a sort of “remake” was apparently in preparation with the Canal group. +, despite a scientific legitimacy disputed by their peers.

Son of an artist-painter of Russian noble origin who had taken up residence in Saint-Lary, they also have a link with the former Midi-Pyrénées region the fact of having studied in the abbey-school of Sorèze , in the Tarn.