Covid-19: towards a new re-containment? “You should never exclude anything in principle” affirms Gabriel Attal

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Guest of the show “We are live” this Saturday evening on France 2, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said he did not rule out any possibility, including a possible re-containment, on the management of the fifth wave of coronavirus.

In Europe, the fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic is forcing some countries to take new measures: partial confinement in the Netherlands and for the unvaccinated in Austria. For the moment, this is not the case in France, but Gabriel Attal, indicated this Saturday evening on France 2 in We are live, that no hypothesis was excluded.

This epidemic continues to surprise the whole world “

“The lessons that I draw, as a spokesperson for the government, is that nothing should ever be excluded on principle. This epidemic continues to surprise the whole world”, he said, adding nevertheless that “For the moment, it is absolutely out of the question to talk about re-containment in our country because we have a very high vaccination rate”.