‘Cowboy Bebop’: Compare characters from Netflix’s live-action version to the original anime

On November 19, the streaming platform adds the long-awaited adaptation of the classic to its catalog.

Cowboy Bebop It is one of the most important manga / anime in the history of the genre. When Netflix announced its adaptation into a live action series, it knew what it was up against, that is, the critical eye of a group of fans who adore the original material and know that there is nothing that can beat it. At the moment, it seems that it has passed the first filter and the first published trailer has generated good comments.

Much of the credit goes to Yoko Kanno’s soundtrack, which helps a lot to recreate the atmosphere of the original work by creators Hajime Yatate. When it became known that the composer was collaborating with the adaptation again, the followers shared her joy and many agreed that her contribution would undoubtedly make a difference with other adaptations. John Cho, the lead actor, stated in an interview with Vulture who made sure Kanno was on board before saying yes to the role: “I thought the show shouldn’t go on without her. It’s a fundamental part.”

Music is one of the important elements, but the eye is going to be on the main actors. In addition to Cho, who plays Spike Spiegel, the cast includes Daniella Pineda in the role of Faye Valentine, Elena Satine as Julia, Mustafa Shakir giving life to Jet Black and Alex Hassell as Vicious.

At first glance there is a fundamental difference between the different formats and that is that in the live action series the protagonists are somewhat older. This change was purposely sought by the ‘showrunner’ André Nemec. “If you’re playing a heartbroken cowboy, it’s not your typical twentysomething story. You are not old enough to endure the hardships of a cowboy. I think that was very clear to me to connect with the characters, to keep track of them and live with them. They needed a real life experience. “

Another important modification to bring the story to the small screen with real-life performers is that there are now far fewer characters. Although the essence remains, the number of actors has been reduced to be able to explain the plot more clearly. Of course, those that remain at the foot of the canyon, the fundamentals, have been adapted in a very faithful way. Their costumes are traced from the original material, as well as their personalities. They will have some changes, sure, but the key elements are still there.

If you want to make a comparison between one fiction and another, here we present the characters of Cowboy Bebop in the live-action adaptation and in the anime of the same name. It premieres this November 19, but if you can’t wait any longer, check out Netflix’s animated series.

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Spike Spiegel (John Cho)

The leading role has gone to John Cho, actor that you will know by Star Trek or Searching. Play Spike Spiegel, a former member of the Red Dragon crime syndicate who left his life behind after falling in love with a woman named Julia. He is a carefree and lazy treasure hunter who has no appreciation for anything in the world. He has left his past in the union behind, but he is still haunted by some ghosts, such as Vicious, a rival who will not give him truce.

Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir)

If you are a fan of the Marvel series, you will surely meet Mustafa Shakir for being Bushmaster in Luke Cage. The actor has now signed on with Cowboy Bebop to become Jet Black, Spiegel’s partner and captain of the Bebop. He is the wise figure of the group and has a lot of patience, especially with the protagonist of the series.

Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda)

The arrogant, addicted to bad habits and flirtatious Faye Valentine is played by Daniella Pineda in this adaptation. We will surely see some changes in his character in favor of greater equality, but the essence of this bounty hunter will remain safe.

Vicious (Alex Hassell)

Vicious is a member of the Red Dragon crime syndicate and an enemy of Spike. It had not always been this way. Vicious and Spike used to be partners, but they met Julia and the friendship went awry. Its appearance is very particular. His gray hair identifies him instantly, as does his katana, his weapon of choice. He is a sadistic, cold and ruthless man who arouses fear, even among his superiors. In the series he is played by Alex Hassell,

Julia (Elena Satine)

Julia, a criminal from the Red Dragon, is Spike’s love interest – and someone else’s. Elena Satine is the actress in charge of giving life to this character. It seems that the Netflix series will be faithful to the original material with this character and will appear mainly through ‘flashbacks’.

Ana (Tamara Tunie)

Another important character related to the protagonist is Ana. She is the owner of a jazz bar, but also a mother figure and a great help to Spike. It is key in the criminal past of the cowboy. Tamara Tunie brings it to life in the flesh and blood version. Clearly there has been a physical change, but his personality is surely still intact.

Mad Pierrot (Josh Randall)

The character of Mad Pierrot is proof of how hard Netflix has tried to be faithful to the original material. It is played by Josh Randall and, as you will see in the image, there are many details that have been kept in the adaptation. His supernatural qualities will also make an appearance in the adaptation. He is one of the best villains in the series, so he could not miss it.


In addition to the Bebop’s human crew, there’s Ein. It is an animal in appearance normal and ordinary, but, in reality, it has an intelligence much greater than that of any dog. Impossible not to love Ein.

And Ed?

Ed is a very important character in Cowboy Bebop, but, until now, he remains absent from Netflix fiction. Why haven’t they counted on her? The truth is that it will be part of the production, but they have decided not to show it, for the moment. The ‘showrunner’ sent a message of calm to the fans in an interview with Polygon: “People will be very satisfied when they see the season.” It may not appear in the first few episodes and save the surprise for later. In the original anime, Ed is 13 years old and a character without an overly defined gender.