Creature movie download by the website Tamilyogi

 Creature movie download by the website Tamilyogi
Vetri and Karunakaran are roommates working in the same shop. In desperation of poverty over life, they try to steal jewelry from the owner of the house where they are staying. How that theft is ruining their lives. The film asks questions about how life and the world work through what it teaches.

What is important to us in life, money? Happy ?. How the world sees the poor and the rich. The point at which a person starts stealing drives him. The way the two of them work in the world of good and evil is what it means to have a beautiful screenplay that narrates all of this within a thriller story.

Such a screenplay is rare in Tamil. If it is a thriller, murder and theft are how the hero does it and how he escapes without getting caught in it.

But we can proudly say that this film has taken it to the next level. The story starts with a simple theft and runs along with the story monsters. We also get stuck in the middle of mistakes and slips.

The suspense of what happens next is important in a thriller film. They have brought it into the film loudly. All the events that take place after the robbery are shocking twists. The twists and turns of life and the decision to travel like human beings trapped in it are unexpected. But the surprising twist.

The film is very clearly written with many descriptions to give the most amazing experience. Each of the verses is Nediyadi. The world sees the conqueror in terms of caste and religion, money is the only problem in the world, God was idle when we were suffering. Each of the verses in the film turns the film into a new experience as the police let him do his job right. Babu Tamil, who has written the storyline of the film, has a great future.

This is the first film for the film’s director Gopinath who has co-directed the film crew beautifully. Everything from the angles of the film to the acting of the actors is perfect in the film. The most experienced director’s clarity is in the film without being the work of a new director.

Cinematography Praveen Kumar The simplest angles are the way he captures the scenes from the man’s point of view. More scenes inside the room of a house but it’s wonderful to move without the audience knowing. Editing Praveen KL Background, blackback scenes, the way the hero has cut the scenes are beautiful.

Both Vetri and Karunakaran carry the entire length of the film. There seems to be a lot of progress in which the eight gardens have no hesitation in acting out the winner. The task of shouldering the entire film is done with that in mind.

The scenes he describes to Karunakaran are wonderful. Definitely sure to get a prominent place in Tamil cinema. Karunakaran is the biggest relief of the film. The beauty is that the questions of the average fan are asked and answered by him.

At times the counter laughter he beats explodes. Mime Gopi and Rohini attract. Actors who have starred in a scene have also been given the perfect performance even though others don’t have as many opportunities.