Criticism ‘Star Wars: Visions’: Nine stories of the saga in anime code that know little

The new galactic universe series is now available on Disney +.

A new and different series joins the Star Wars universe. The saga created by George Lucas is reinterpreted in nine short films created by seven japanese anime studios. Star Wars: Visions is one of the most anticipated series by galactic fans and is now available on Disney+. The critic Alejandro G. Calvo he tells us what he thought.

From the first moment the project was announced, Star Wars: Visions had created great expectation among fans of the saga because “anime is spectacular.” This new title “is not a way to expand the Star Wars universe but to give brushstrokes.” Each short film is set in a different time of the saga. From the time when the first movie happened to what “seems to happen in the distant future”, according to Alejandro. Although at no time the exact dates are stated, “it is what is understood by seeing it.”

The chapters last between 10 and 20 minutes, so you can see all of them in 2h and 30min. Therefore, Alejandro “has known little.” “I have really enjoyed many of the shorts, but in general it has made me super short ”.

It has known me little. Some chapters because they do not quite reach something important and are very light. Others because they were being very interesting, very powerful and they finished very quickly

Alejandro has analyzed some of the episodes. For instance, “Tatooine Rhapsody it’s pretty lazy. The animation is very childish and the story is very nice although it does not reach much more if compared to other stories ”. The first short that opens is The Duel and in the words of the critic himself “it’s a barbarity”.

The Duel it is a story of samurai in black and white, “except for the colored lightsabers.” As many of you know, George Lucas edited his first film in the saga by Akira Kurosawa, specifically by The hidden fortress. “40 years later we return to the world of samurai and that is really beautiful and spectacular ”, says Alejandro. And he adds: “The animation is fantastic and the story is magnificent.”

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The episodes of the Tigger production company they seem to him “brutal “ to Alejandro both for the image and for the story they tell. “The Twins is the story of two brothers who are raised to be on the dark side and end up facing each other. The elder is spectacular. The story is of two Jedi knights, Master and Padawan, facing an old man “

The quintessential critic of SensaCine compares it to Love, Death & Robots because the two series produce you “ambivalent feelings”. “I really enjoy this type of series because I really like anime and science fiction,” says Alejandro. In addition, he regrets that they are not more like collective anime films where we find “true wonders” like Memories.

I liked Disney’s gesture of doing something different, although I think we can still aspire to more

In short, Alejandro has really enjoyed some of the chapters, although something “light” has been done to him. “I hope more Visions come and cooler chapters ”, concludes the critic.

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