Crossout kicks off 2023 with new players in mind: Get a free Premium Membership in January! -Crossout

Looking for a new MMO to kick off the year 2023? Gaijin Entertainment has started the year with new offers that will help new players of Crossout to jump into the wasteland in a more friendly way thanks to a new promotion available until next January 16. With the purchase of the deluxe edition of the pack ‘Triad: The Pattern‘ through crosscrowns, you will receive a lot of extras and even 3 days of premium subscription Gift.

Crossout (Targem Games, Gaijin Entertainment)

All players who purchase the pack will receive the syndicate garage, which is a good incentive to take a look at this product. However, it is also worth noting that ‘Tríad: El Patron’ also includes the armored vehicle ‘cursed‘, an epic rarity cockpit, a unique front wheel, a ‘Jiangshi’ character portrait, paint pots, 4,000 coins and more extras to customize the Crossout experience.

In the event that you have already obtained this pack and are looking to take advantage of the promotion to access the 3 days of premium subscription, you will be interested to know that Gaijin Entertainment allows repeat purchase with cross crowns. In this case, you will receive all reissueable items together with the subscription to the Crossout premium plan, which will facilitate the entry of players unfamiliar with the experience through many bonuses.

Leaving this surprise aside, we take advantage of the moment to highlight some of the benefits of Crossout not only through its brutal games, but also with the new features that it has been implementing. Targem Games throughout the last few months. In this sense, one of the most recent updates includes several Graphical and gameplay improvements that delight any user who wants to delve into this universe, so we encourage you to play crossout for free to discover them.