Culture: what to remember from 2021 in Tarn-et-Garonne

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A look back at the Tarn-et-Garonnaise cultural year necessarily marked by the health rules linked to Covid-19. If a lot of shows and festivals have been canceled, let’s remember those that stayed …

Montauban celebrated the 400th anniversary of the 400 blows

The funfair was not the only highlight of the September return to Montauban. The city also marked the occasion for the 400th anniversary of its siege surrounded by the royal army which would have fired 400 cannon shots in a very short period of time in 1621. Live performances allowed the public to relive history from the headquarters. Over 100 performers and extras performed the siege, assault, negotiations and the final battle. At the foot of the Ingres Bourdelle museum, a reconstruction of the siege with cannon fire brought back to life a battle of 1621 in the heart of Montauban. An immersion in the 17th century during Foucault presented the spectators with a 17th century trades market and reproduced the atmosphere of a period military camp. A parade in period costumes enabled the mayor Axel de Labriolle to receive the keys to the city from the hands of the two Miss 400 Coups… In December, the Montalbanaise Society for the Study and Research on Protestantism organized a major conference on this seat.

An ideal prince at the MIB

The exhibition “Ferdinand Philippe d’Orléans (1810-1842) – Images of the ideal prince” shone throughout the summer at the Ingres Bourdelle museum (MIB). Prepared in collaboration with the Louvre museum, this unique exhibition which brings together historical works belonging to the Montalbanese museum or from the most beautiful public and private collections, has delighted an ever-growing audience for this second summer since the inauguration of the MIB and this despite health constraints.

Street art: 20 graffiti artists enhance Hall 82

Street art: 20 graffiti artists enhance Hall 82

Street art: 20 graffiti artists enhance Hall 82
DDM Manu Massip

In Montauban, October 2021 offered the public a new Mister Freeze exhibition. After the previous exhibition last summer where around thirty graffiti artists and street artists had worked throughout the confinement, this time, all the space had been left to 20 female artists. “We really wanted to offer the public a 100% female exhibition. An opportunity to bring together very different artists, from several French countries and regions, explains the exhibition manager Cédric Lascours. But in the end, it was they who wanted to leave a small place for men in the second exhibition hall. To keep things simple, color has been reserved for women and black and white for men. They came from Russia, Spain, Paris, Toulouse but also from Montauban. Laia, Soca, Iré, Aldie, Sylvie Barco, Noon… met in the fall to offer a sublime exhibition called “Ladies Mister Freeze”.

Opéra-bouffe faithful to Bruniquel

Despite the health crisis, the Chateaux de Bruniquel festival has been resisting for two years and got the better of the Covid! Bravo to the director Frank T’Hézan and his team for having again, last summer, offered a very beautiful festival. For the 24th edition, the esplanade des châteaux de Bruniquel was illuminated for the performance of the opera-bouffe “La Vie Parisienne”. The masterpiece by famous cellist and conductor Jacques Offenbach delighted audiences for nearly 10 days in the heart of summer.

The festival of voices leaves Moissac

2021, the year of the clash for the MCV association. After 24 editions organized in Moissac, MCV is organizing its Festival of Voices, Places… Worlds in Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave. The MCV association (Moissac culture vibrations) no longer has its headquarters in Moissac since its “break” with the municipality (RN). “Created in 1984, our association is leaving the town of Moissac in this special year for all,” says Camille Lopital, president of the association. This festival remains our nugget among all the events we organize. ”

A magnificent cast to relaunch in Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave with in particular the group Compay Segundo and Thomas Dutronc. The volunteers of MCV, renamed Moments de Cultures Vivantes, could smile: “It’s a completely successful move. We realize that MCV still speaks to people, believes its president Erick Tabone. This weekend we had the opportunity to see the faithful from Moissac who came especially for us. The public responded present. Despite the Covid context, we had a very nice festival. ”

The festival of voices leaves Moissac

The festival of voices leaves Moissac

Return of the autumn letters

Canceled last year, the Montalbanese festival returned to its audience with immense joy, with guest of honor Mathias Enard. Throughout the month of November, in Montauban, but also in Bressols, Lafrançaise, Moissac, Molières and Montricoux, the literary festival made the trip of Letters d’automne, with this common thread of “Melodies and variations”, the theme inspired by the guest of honor.

A bridge between Montauban and Spain

After the 26th summit which brought together the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron and the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez last March, Montauban has become the emblematic city of Franco-Spanish friendships. Within the framework of the Manuel Azaña Days, a twinning was signed between Alcalá de Henares (birthplace of Azaña and Cervantès) and Montauban. Alcalá is a town of 200,000 inhabitants, near Madrid, which has a rich artistic and architectural heritage and which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Magnificent musical escape

Magnificent musical escape

Magnificent musical escape

The third L’Échappée Musicale in Montbartier festival grew even further, not only in the notoriety of their guests, but also in the number of spectators. Massilia Sound System set the stage on fire. We will remember the talented Hoshi who has really been in permanent communion with the public. A rising festival!

End clap for Tarn-et-Garock

A beautiful birthday was celebrated, with a few months of delay, on November 13, at the village hall of Verdun-sur-Garonne, that of a “baby” born in the same place on March 7, 1991, Tarn and Garock, springboard current music for thirty years. And for three decades, a policy and local actions, led by Adda 82 – now Tarn-et-Garonne Arts and Culture (TGAC) to discover, promote and bring this music closer to local populations.

Tarn and Garock, it is however finished, at least in its current form of springboard. But the adventure continues for musicians with DAAD Music, a structure created several years ago and which aims to better support projects: two or three groups will be selected each year, which will benefit from various professional tools to broaden their skills, like artist residencies, studio work – Verdun has an excellent recording studio – legal initiation, communication, etc. A call for projects has already been launched for musicians who want to go further.

Napoleon has his statue in Montauban

This Thursday, November 4, Tarn-et-Garonne celebrated the anniversary of its creation by Napoleon. The date, symbolic, was therefore naturally chosen to officially inaugurate the statue bearing the effigy of the emperor. In the small square adjoining the Old College, at the corner of rue Bessières and allée de l’Empereur, the one-meter-high bronze sculpture, signed Emannuel Michel, was unveiled in front of 300 people. A way of “repairing an oversight of local history, by recalling the major role that Napoleon played in the creation of our department”, underlined Philippe Bon. The president of the Society of Members of the Legion of Honor 82, at the origin of this 45-year-old project, donated the work to the City of Montauban.

“While debunking the statues of famous people is now a fashionable sign of deculturation, the municipality made a courageous choice with this inauguration,” he continued. Faced with the controversies raised at the beginning of the year concerning the controversial legacy of the emperor (bloody wars having cost the lives of thousands of men, reestablishment of slavery, misogyny, etc.), the elected representatives in attendance wished to recall the need not to do “an anachronistic reading of history”.