CW cancels ‘The 100’ prequel after two years in development

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The pilot for this series was featured in the seventh and final season of original fiction.

CW has decided not to go ahead with The 100 spin-off after having spent two years developing it. The pilot was featured in the seventh and final season of the original fiction.

Although the American chain had not given the green light to the series yet, in May 2020 the project was still alive. Apparently, as reported Deadline, The project was still in the air because it was discussed whether this prequel should premiere on CW or on the streaming platform of the same company HBO Max.

In addition, Mark Pedowitz, president of the CW, gave hope to fans of The 100 saying that this ambitious project was on the right track:

There are still conversations about it. It is not finished in any way. But the talks are still going on

The prequel was set 97 years before of the events of The 100, just as the end of the world begins with a nuclear apocalypse that wipes out most of the human population on Earth.

The story follows a group of survivors on Earth as they face a dangerous world and fight to create a new and better society from the ashes of what has come before. Iola Evans, Adain Bradley and Leo Howard starred in the pilot of this series.

CW and the curse of the pilots

It is not the first time that the US network has canceled spin-off series that are already a success. Supernatural It is another clear example of the cancellation of projects. The most recent is about Wayward Sisters, projected by Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton) and Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen).

But before this one, CW was going to do a series of supernaturall set in the city of Chicago titled Bloodlines where it followed a group of monster factions coming together to form tribes. It was also canceled.