Dance with the stars: the Youtubeur Michou formalizes his relationship with the dancer Elsa Bois

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Yououtubeur Michou has formalized his relationship with dancer Elsa Bois. The couple played together in the last season of “Dancing with the Stars”. Their relationship was hardly in doubt for viewers.

It’s official: Michou and Elsa are dating! By posting a photo on Instagram, accompanied by the caption “I’m in love”, the youtubeur Michou formalized his romantic relationship with the dancer Elsa Bois. The young woman was Michou’s partner in the last season of “Dance with the stars” on TF1.

For her part, the dancer also confirmed her relationship with the message: “It’s official”.

This formalization is hardly a surprise for viewers of the show or fans of Michou, which is followed by nearly 7 million subscribers on Youtube. Over the weeks, the bond between the young man and his dancer during rehearsals was striking. Every Friday, on social networks, Internet users discussed the relationship between Michou and Elsa Bois.

The formalization of their relationship has naturally been very commented on on social networks.

Michou he did not win Dance with the stars but he won Elsa

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Michou and Elsa as a couple I’m dying it’s so cute

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I live the story of Michou and Elsa like it was mine

– alex u26a2 (@_jackam) January 3, 2022

Michou became known with his many videos on video games published on Youtube. Elsa Bois, she had integrated the team of dancers of “Dance with the stars” in the last season. The couple finished in third place on the show. The final season of “Dancing with the Stars” was won by singer Tayc.