Dance with the Stars: “Whatever the result, we have already won …” Lotois Jordan Mouillerac in the final this Friday

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Lotois Jordan Mouillerac and Bilal Hassani are in the final Friday night of Dance with the Stars. Since September 17, they have chained the choreographies and victories on the floor of the TF1 plateau. After more than two months, the adventure ends but for the child of Labastide-Marnhac, they have already won.

After participating in 2017 and 2018, Jordan Mouillerac has returned to a third season this year. With a challenge: that of being the first choreographer to dance with a man in the history of the French show. Interview with the Lotois who will come back to revitalize himself with his family for the holidays.

What do you expect from this final?

For us, it is already a mission accomplished to have arrived here, to have been able to convey beautiful messages, an open-mindedness. It was the most important and now regardless of the result, we have already won! If we win it will be good, but we will especially enjoy this last show. We are in a state of mind where we know it’s the end so we enjoy the last moments together. And then physically, we are also tired after almost three months!

Did you think you’d get this far?

From the first dance we had four buzzes. There, we said to ourselves that there might be a way to do something. And then we were often first. We saw our possibilities, our working methods worked, we released some beautiful choreography. Above all, I won a friend for life. With Bilal, we got along straight away. There is an alchemy, it is thanks to this that we arrive in the final. It takes will, talent, a state of mind and things go well between the two dancers.

Jordan Mouillerac and Bilal Hassani ignite the floor of Dance With the Stars Season 11

Jordan Mouillerac and Bilal Hassani ignite the floor of Dance With the Stars Season 11

What did Bilal Hassani bring you?

Great wealth. It was the season that I enjoyed the most. He taught me a lot of things, to take a step back, especially in the media and interviews, he made me grow on that side. And I think he liked the way I was pure and natural. We never had any tension. And that’s for sure, we will redo the scene together, we will see us again on events. We have lots of ideas.

In a last interview, he rightly said that you were “one of the few who didn’t mind showing off with him”, what do you say?

It really makes me happy, it was the truth. I wanted to dance with him, and I was proud to do the show alongside him. The negative comments motivated me even more. I wanted to defend this open-mindedness, break the codes. Very quickly, people forgot that we were two men dancing together, dancing came to the fore. They enjoyed the choreography. This is our victory.

Are you going to rest in the Lot?

Not immediately ! I’m going on tour with the D’pendanse troupe, we have about ten dates and I’ll be back home for two weeks for the holidays. It’s been six months since I came back, I miss it.