Dani Rovira’s fight against time to be in the ‘Mediterranean’ after overcoming cancer and 6 months of confinement

The last year of the Malaga actor has been full of bad experiences and changes. He has told about it in ‘El Hormiguero’, where he has come as a guest to present ‘Mediterráneo’. In theaters September 24.

Hurricanes, pandemics, far-right attacks on migrants, tides … The filming of Mediterranean It has been one of those that the team will always remember. Especially Dani Rovira, who joined the recording after having overcome cancer. The actor recognizes in an interview in The Hormiguero, where have you gone as a guest, what neither the most extreme temperatures nor the long hours of work took the smile from his face because he was able to go back to work after a very hard time.

Rovira assures that they went through hard times – “very hot, very cold, which happens in all the filming” -, but that he has no reason to complain, since he was doing what he wanted. “For me, every minute that I have spent on that shoot has been a real privilege. It wouldn’t be fair if I said ‘What a bad time I had’. I was coming from an extra ball. As if it had shot in the middle of the desert, I would have given the same, “says the actor.

I, who was confined more than the rest of the people in Spain -I spent almost 6 months without leaving home-, being able to have arrived on time for this shoot is for me … Eduard will be able to say, we spent a week of rehearsals and i was happy

Dani Rovira was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in March 2020, when none of us knew very well the consequences of the coronavirus. After a chemo treatment and a lot of love from his closest environment, as he confessed in the interview, he was able to recover and move on with new professional projects. Faced with this situation, all he feels “is a feeling of gratitude.” “In the end, when these kinds of things happen to you and you manage to overcome them, life suddenly becomes a crystal that is much more crystalline and with cooler colors. My 40th birthday was very unusual but very happy. Now birthday is lucky“, assures the interpreter.

As soon as he could, Rovira was embarked on the filming of Mediterranean, a film directed by Marcel Barrena that tells one side of the migratory crisis in the Mediterranean. The story centers on two lifeguards, Oscar (Eduard Fernández) and Gerard (Rovira), who are shocked by the photograph of a drowned child. They decide to create a rescue team to help as many people as possible.

This battle for survival is based on a true story, that of Oscar Camps and Gerard Canals, who created the NGO Open Arms in 2015 and have since saved more than 100,000 lives. The tape was recorded in Greece and Barcelona and featured the participation of more than 1,000 extras, many of them refugees in real life.

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