David Broncano proposes to Fran Perea to make a ‘Friends’ reunion in ‘La Resistencia’ for the 20 years of ‘Los Serrano’

The successful series celebrates two decades of its premiere and part of the cast is preparing a very special celebration.

The Serranos turns 20 The successful Telecinco series has been on Spanish television for two decades now. A fiction that marked an entire generation and that all viewers remember with special affection. Thus, Fran Perea is preparing an album with all the mythical songs of the series. But there is more. As she confessed during her visit to The resistancethe actor and singer is preparing a very special reunion with part of the cast.

The more than possible reunion of The Serranos It is just around the corner. And it is that in almost three months the date so indicated will be fulfilled: 20 years of its premiere on the main Mediaset channel. “We are making a record because this year twenty years have passed since it began to be broadcast The Serranos“, commented Perea during his time at La Resistencia. A statement that impressed both the presenter and the audience at the Teatro Príncipe Gran Vía.

They are all well and we will do something special for the twenty years, we will get together…

The beloved actor confessed that part of the cast has planned a reunion for this very special anniversary. Broncano then asked if the meeting would take place “in private.” “We are looking for a place to meet. Don’t you want it to be here on your show?“Perea replied to the presenter’s proposal.

“Man, if a small meeting of ‘Los Serrano’ could be held here as if it were this friends“, commented the presenter. “We did it with Physics or chemistry. We put people who didn’t even go out and people didn’t find out,” Ricardo Castella recalled to the laughter of the spectators. Then, Broncano and company brainstormed ideas that left no one indifferent. From a special decoration on the set to recreating “some scene” of the series.

Fran Perea came to “hate” some of the songs she sang in ‘Los Serrano’

In fact, Perea was so serious about his proposal that he set the date: April 22, the same day the series premiered. “I convince one of my classmates to come“Acknowledged the actor to end up “accepting” the agreement with a handshake. We will have to wait about three months to see if this agreement is carried out, but surely wherever “the special celebration” is, it will stir many emotions in the viewers .

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