Dead Island 2 introduces us to some of its characters: this is how these blood-soaked zombie hunters from Los Angeles are – Dead Island 2

Although long in limbo, 2023 is the year of Dead Island 2. The video game developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver Its premiere is scheduled in a little over three months, and those responsible are offering us more and more details. After your gameplay trailer from last month, now they tell us about some of their main characters.

In an information shared with 3DJuegos they present us to three of the zombie hunters that Dead Island 2 will have, with different designs, profiles and ways of dealing with threats. Is about Jacob, Amy and Ryanand we leave you their official descriptions below, as well as a short video of each one of them so that you can get to know them better.


Jacob is an anti-hero with the grace of a rock star. His charm is combined with a reckless disregard for his physical integrity. When his beloved mother passed away, he left his job as a London stockbroker to follow his dream of being a Hollywood stuntman. Now, his funny quips and Shakespeare quotes fall on the ears of the undead, while he has a blast as a zombie slayer in Los Diablos. Marvelous!


Amy is a very sharp Paralympian who has discovered something that gives her an even bigger kick than running: killing zombies! Her risk puts her on edge, her success stimulates her, and each fight is a puzzle that she must solve on the fly, like an obstacle course to keep her mind in shape. She is calm, determined and collected, and few things can make a dent in her Californian spirit.


This exotic dancer not only has heart-stopping pecs. Ryan is stubborn as anyone else, his pessimism is as arid as the Sahara and he has an indomitable heart. He’s determined to get back to his little brother, who’s been stranded in Fresno since before the epidemic, and nothing, dead or alive, is going to stop him from coming home.

When is Dead Island 2 released?

We will have to keep waiting to be able to get the hang of Dead Island 2, since those responsible announced a release date delay and now it is scheduled to come to pc via Epic Games Store, ps4, PS5, Xbox One Y Xbox Series X|S the day April 28, 2023. At 3DJuegos we were already able to test the title many months before its release date, so we recommend you read the dead island 2 impressions that we published last August to learn more about his proposal.