Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 remakes appear to be in EA’s plans, though they want to ensure your interest first through a survey – Dead Space 2

The terror that EA gave us last month with the deadspace remake It seems that it has not been enough. There are already some references to a possible Dead Space 2 remake, and today’s news adds further strength to EA’s intentions. However, the composer of the title is clear about the next step they should do with the horror franchise: go directly for dead space 4.

However, as collected from Insider Gaming, Electronic Arts would be sending a opinion poll on the interest of users in Dead Space 2 Remake and in Dead Space 3 Remake. In this way, the user Dillon Rogers from Twitter had the possibility of answering depending on the degree of interest they have, and their answer is “Extremely interested”.

Something that brings more strength to a hypothetical remake of Dead Space 2 is that EA Motive already has ideas for a new game in the saga but nothing is official yet because they need the company’s approval. Although the intention is on the table. “Sure, it’s a hope that we have. There is interest on my part and I think on Roman’s part – you can see his smile – to explore Dead Space more. There are ideas, that’s for sure,” he said. Roman Campos-Oriola, creative director.

What do we think of the Dead Space remake?

Dead Space 2 Remake

In the writing of 3DJuegos we were aware of the danger of returning to the USG Ishimura. Of course we can say that it has been a terrifying experienceand this is how we define it in the Dead Space Remake analysis: “It makes the right changes so that the Visceral classic is updated to the new times without losing an iota of its soul, making even those of us who already know it by heart original let’s also enjoy the experience looking for differences and novelties. That being the case, the remake more than complies”, thus our colleague Alberto Pastor concluded the critic.