Death of MavaChou: the influencer had filed a complaint for “provocation to suicide” the day of her death

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Maëva Czajczynski, a 32-year-old influencer and Youtuber known as “MavaChou”, was found dead this week. She was the target of cyber stalkers. This mother of a family had lodged a complaint on the day of her death.

It is a drama that moved the web this week: the youtuber and influencer Maëva Czajczynski, known under the name “MavaChou”, died at the age of only 32 years. Her best friend broke the news on the mother’s Facebook page on Wednesday, December 22. The 32-year-old was a mother of four and separated for several years. She would be, according to her friend, “died at the end of the day”.

The YouTuber had made herself known by sharing her daily life as a mother on the web. In March 2021, the YouTuber had confided in the columns of Parisian be the victim of online harassment from several Internet users. She claimed that her four children were also victims of this phenomenon. This Sunday, December 26, our colleagues from Republican Lorrain indicated “that a complaint for moral harassment and provocation to suicide”. Me Stéphane Giuranna says that the thirty-something had lodged a complaint five times since May 2020.

Harassed since 2018

It all started in 2018 for MavaChou and his companion Adrien: in February of this year, the couple organized an operation called “little smile”. The objective: to provide objects and materials to “orphanages and homes in need”. This one manages to raise 4,000 euros. The foreign associations which took part in the operation, however, refused to be filmed. The YouTuber then faces a first wave of harassment.

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Provocations multiply in 2020 when the influencer separates from her companion, Adrien. Fans then accuse him of “deception”. Anonymous calls were made to the school, and bullies reportedly spied on the Youtubeuse’s home and photographed a vehicle parked in front of her garage. MavaChou had decided to remove his children from his videos. In her latest films, she explained that she was not “very fit” and wanted to move away “a little from social networks”. His lawyer wanted this Sunday to react to the death of the thirty-something: “I believe that this (death) should make everyone react. Whether it is the legislator, prosecutors, lawyers and especially Internet users. We must stop thinking that you are invincible behind your screen, ”commented Me Stéphane Giuranna.