Despite 86% upvotes on Steam, this shooter will be gone forever very soon: Lemnis Gate server shutdown date – Lemnis Gate

Once again we have to echo sad news. Ratloop Games Canada announced a few days ago the closing of servers and end of Lemnis Gate“a revolutionary first-person turn-based strategic shooter that takes place in a time loop”, is presented in store, which Despite not having reached large numbers of activity, it had received good reviews.

“We inform you that the online multiplayer services will stop working as of July 11, 2023. For this reason, Lemnis Gate will no longer be available for purchase from April 11, 2023“, it reads on Steam. “Lemnis Gate has been an ambitious project that we are privileged to have brought to life together, so it is with sadness that we share this news today. Local multiplayer and training modes will still be accessible on console, however PC players will not be able to play beyond that point.”

The exact reasons for the closure are not given, but they are also obvious. Lemnis Gate just didn’t sell well enough. Rarely had more than 100 players online via Steamand in fact in recent months it had peaks of no more than 10 simultaneous players, making it totally unsustainable for its development team to continue betting on it.

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The end to the FPS servers and the low sales figures are even more bitter because Lemnis Gate was positively received upon release, counting 86% positive ratings on Steam. while the specialized press also gave it the green light. However, the competitive market for proposals for the genre on PC and consoles left it with no room to shine. Nevertheless, its creators wanted to thank users for their support and their way of taking advantage of the gameplay mechanics they devised for this shooter.

There are several more similar proposals that will close their doors soon. For example, in iOS and Android we know about the outcome of Apex Legends: Mobile, which despite its good work on PC and consoles has not found a place on mobile phones.

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