Despite rumors of large absences, its managers claim to be 100% committed to the fair

On Tuesday morning the news broke: according to sources consulted by IGN, both PlayStation and Nintendo and Xbox would have fallen from E3 2023. The informative bombshell leaves the organization of the once great video game fair touched four months after its celebration, from June 13 to 16, but from ESA they prefer to keep calm in a statement sent to the media.

More in detail, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has omitted to make direct statements about the information collected by IGN in its US edition, opting instead reaffirm their commitment to the organization of E3 and, more specifically, for ReedPOP, “the best partner to produce E3”.

“E3 has a rich history within our industry, and we’re always encouraged to feel the passion for the event and hear what it means to different people. Reviving a trade show after a three-year hiatus and a global pandemic is always going to have its challenges. [Desde ReedPOP] have made great progress in redeveloping the event and have received tremendous support from industry companies of all sizes who They’re not just thinking about E3 2023, but also how E3 fits into marketing plans for 2024 and beyond.”.

ESA will share more news about the event closer to its date of celebration. It will be then when we begin to discover if, in addition to PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox, other large companies in the gaming industryWhat Ubisoft, which despite its current delicate situation It was always a fixed company at the fair, they get off the boat or choose to go to the appointment.

for now It has not been shared what is behind the absences of the three large hardware manufacturers in the sector. Nevertheless, Already before the pandemic from PlayStation they had decided to bet another informative approachwhile Xbox, without avoiding leaving the natural dates of celebration of E3, has been opting for several years organize a side event in Los Angeles.