‘Dexter: New Blood’ will answer if your child has inherited the killer instinct

Sara heredia

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Michael C. Hall reverts to playing Dexter Morgan after faking his death. Now things have changed.

Dexter: New Blood It has already been released and will finally answer the many questions that fans of the serial killer ask. The ninth season -or ‘revival’- premieres today on Movistar + and will continue on a weekly basis until the 10 episodes that make up this installment are completed. Through them we will know a new facet of the character played by Michael C. Hall. Among other things, his role as a parent, which has left a child with problems and a possible killer instinct that would continue his legacy.

As stated by Jack Alcott, the actor who plays Harrison Morgan, in an interview with THAT ONE, the new episodes will answer the question of whether the young man will follow the same bloody path of his father. “Those questions are raised and answered”says Alcott. What will also be explored is his relationship with Dexter, which, it seems, will not be a bed of roses.

Harrison feels abandoned and has suffered from it every day. It is a long, big and complicated bridge that you both have to cross. Dexter doesn’t really know how to be a father and this boy is deeply damaged because his father abandoned him

The announcement of the incorporation of Harrison to the plot was quite a surprise. It had been announced that season 9 of Dexter It would put the protagonist in a completely new environment, with different characters and plots, but it seems that the team has decided to tie up the loose ends that were left in previous seasons and the little one that Dexter and Rita had in season 4 was one of them.

Since we saw him in his first years of life until now, a lot has happened. Harrison has felt completely abandoned by his father and in the early part of the season he will be a major issue. The adolescent will want to meet him again, but until he manages to see him face to face, he goes through an intense process. “Intermittent appearances as a mysterious stalker. I follow him, trying to confirm his identity. And I am finally able to see him and face him. It’s a heartbreaking scene“, says the actor.

Dexter: New Blood has just premiered its first episode on Movistar +.

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