Dictionary of ‘The Wheel of Time’: ABC to understand the One Power and other terms of the Amazon series

The adaptation of the famous fantasy saga is full of elements and concepts that are only part of his imagination and with which the audience has to become familiar.

With 14 books -20 in Spain- published in a total of 23 years, The Wheel of Time has the honor of being one of the longest-running fantasy series of all time and having sold tens of millions of copies worldwide. However, there is no reason to be afraid of the adaptation series that just premiered in Amazon Prime Video. Whether you are a reader of the literary saga or not, you are more than well prepared to enter a world of the richest hand in hand with an exciting adventure and in which it will not take too long to locate you.

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It is true that, as in any fantastic universe, The Wheel of Time It is full of elements and concepts that are only part of its imagination and with which the audience has to become familiar., but already in the first three episodes with which fiction debuts on the platform, it can be seen that the excellent work of the ‘showrunner’ Rafe Judkins and his team when adapting the extensive original material.

Fully aware that written and audiovisual language can often be very different, the Amazon series team has managed to summarize the basics of the story in just one -or at most two- episode, so you’ll quickly be thrown into this incredible adventure that is coming up for Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) and that group of lads from Two Rivers who just found out that one of them is the person that is destined to save the world. And also to destroy it.

‘The Wheel of Time’, an adaptation “without red lines”: “Everything has been done in the service of the most exciting series possible”

Still, to make your work a little easier, we have compiled some of the basic terms and concepts that are presented in the season 1 of The Wheel of Time and their respective meanings. A simple ‘ABC’ to understand the Unique Power and other terms of the Amazon series.



Its meaning in the ancient language is “Servants of all” but that definition only fits within the context of a previous time, the one known as the Age of Legend. However, in the Third Era, which is where history takes place, the Aes Sedai are presented as an influential organization of women capable of channeling the One Power in the Western Lands. Possessing a great deal of power and knowledge, they are one of the most respected and important forces in the world, although they are also often despised and feared.

Within the Aes Sedai, there are different levels of power and they have one leader: the Amyrlin Seat. In summary, the function of the Aes Sedai after the event known as the Dismemberment of the World with which the Age of Legend ended, is to prevent something similar from happening again and to keep under control the men affected by the corruption of the Saidin who may channel the One Power into the Dark One.



O Circle of Women. In addition to the Mayor, the Círculo Femenino is the other large organization in Dos Ríos, which is in charge of governing, managing and making important decisions, more specifically in relation to women, but also in other matters. Their leader for life is the Dowser, who possesses powers such as healing or predictions through time.



It is one of the most important concepts in history. The search for the Dragon Reborn is what leads Moiraine to Two Rivers and she is not the only one looking for him.

The title of Dragon is bestowed upon the Champion of Light after his fight against the Dark One, a confrontation that according to legend is destined to occur over and over again as the Wheel of Time turns. For this reason, the Dragon is destined to be reborn and hence the concept of the Dragon Reborn. The figure is destined to save and later destroy the world.

In the Third Age, in which history takes place, some facts indicate that the Reborn Dragon is a young man from Two Rivers. At first not if you know if you are a man or a woman and the candidates do not even finish believing that you may be one of them. But Moiraine is not the only one who senses his presence, but also the minions of the Dark One.



It’s a bit more complex concept, but Lattice is kind of everything. The humans, the creatures and cops of the Shadow, those who serve the Dark One … All together make up the Lattice of each era, which is woven by The Wheel of Time. Absolutely every event that takes place during an Age is part of the Lattice and cannot be changed during it.


This is how we can refer to any creature that serves the Dark One. There are many types, so it is not always easy to recognize them and they have all been created through other beings.



It is the life force of the universe that turns the Wheel of Time. One of the halves of the Source is the male, Saidin, while the female is Saidar. From her emanates the One Power, but after the corruption of Saidin thousands of years ago, men have not been able to channel the Power without ending up in madness and turned into a real danger. Hence, the only ones capable of channeling the Unique Power and using magic are women.



He is the man linked to a specific Aes Sedai and whose mission is to protect his life when he travels. The first we will meet is Lan Mandragoran (Daniel Henney), played in the series by, who is the Guardian of Moiraine.



We know them almost from the beginning in The Wheel of Time, so take note: You will recognize them by their main clothing, especially colorful because it is a shiny White Capes. For this reason they are also known as “Capas Blancas”, although also simply as “Los Hijos”.

It is a military organization with the aim of ending those people who may have been seduced by the Dark One and the Power of evil. Their strong convictions and stubborn and distrustful character make them something of a cult and a dangerous bunch to cross paths with.



Light, unlike Darkness, represents the forces of good. Most of the citizens who have not been corrupted by the forces of evil are followers of La Luz. Some of them from a point of view closer to religion, such as The Children of Light.



A place of legend whose whereabouts no one knows, but which is said to have been created by Aes Sedai men and women after the corruption of Saidin by the Dark One. It will be key in Moiraine’s journey to discover which of her companions is the Dragon Reborn.


His real name is Shai’tan and he is the source and most powerful evil in the entire universe. Apparently his goal is to break the Wheel of Time and remake the world at his service. He has never been seen, but his minions, such as the Shadow Spawn and other beings, including humans, in whom he has been able to bring out evil, which seems to be one of his powers, have been seen.



Another of the key concepts. It is about the power that is obtained from the True Source and both men and women can use it, although most people are unable to harness it. Only some get it through training and if no one helps them do it they are destined for the worst of fates.



The star concept, since it is the one that gives its name to the saga, is The Wheel of Time. This is how it is described in the glossaries that absolutely accompany each of the novels in the collection: “Time is a wheel with seven spokes, each of which constitutes an Era. With the turning of the Wheel, Ages come and go. , leaving memories that become legends and then myths, to fall into oblivion when the time comes for the return of a new Era. “



A person around whom the Wheel of Time weaves the threads of the Lattice and who affects all those who build their lives around him. The boys from Two Rivers that Moiraine is convinced is in Dragon Reborn are Ta’Veren.


It is the headquarters of the Aes Sedai and the main destination for Moiraine and his fellow travelers when they set out on their adventure. It is imposing and beautiful, it is located in the heart of Tar Valon and it is the building in which they meet and carry out their activity.


The Trollocs, which we also do not take long to see, luckily or unfortunately in the Amazon series, are creatures that belong to the Shadow Spawn and that make up the bulk of the armies of the Dark One. Terrible and brutal beings, with a certain intelligence, carnivorous, cruel and very very violent that attack in packs.


The era in which the novels of The Wheel of Time take place. It is preceded by the Age of Legend and destined to be preceded by a fourth Age as the wheel continues to turn.


They are the commitments that a future Aes Sedai has to assume before being accepted as such. There are three oaths and they are made on the Swearing Rod: 1) Do not say anything that is not true. 2) Do not carry any weapon that can kill another person. 3) Do not use the One Power as a weapon.


A nomadic and peaceful people who are governed by the Philosophy of the Leaf: Like a leaf, it does not use force or resist when falling.



In the villages, she is the woman chosen by the Women’s Circle to take charge of its leadership, for her wisdom, her knowledge as a healer and her ability to predict the weather. It is designated for life.

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