Did Pierre Niney really “ghost” Thomas Pesquet?

the essential
After receiving a copy of the film Black Box from the actor, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet tried to reach Pierre Niney to thank him for this shipment. A call constantly ignored by the actor, not understanding his provenance.

The “ghosting” consists in deliberately ignoring the calls or messages of a person with whom one does not wish to exchange, of an inopportune interlocutor. This is what Thomas Pesquet, the French astronaut, recently returned from his six-month mission to the International Space Station (ISS), recently experienced.

While in the stars, the astronaut had managed to reach the actor Pierre Niney so that he could send him a copy of the film Black Box. On display this year, it is one of several films in which the actor particularly appreciated by the public has starred. Without delay, he does so and sends the copy to his interlocutor, still staying aboard the ISS.

An anonymous call refused

The one who was Caesarized in 2017 shares, on the occasion of a portrait drawn by Liberation, the funny anecdote that followed. The astronaut, who seems to have, like the million French people who have visited cinemas, appreciated the film. Grateful to have obtained the copy, he repeatedly tries to reach Pierre Niney to thank him.

But the former of the French Comedy persists in not answering. The reason: he refused, each time, this anonymous call from Texas. In fact, the call came from Houston, where NASA’s rear base is located, which passed calls made from the ISS. Information that the French actor did not have, who still laughs about it today.