Disappearance of Grishka Bogdanoff: Temps X, the television UFO that has become cult

For the generations of French people who were teenagers in the 80s, evoking the Bogdanoffs is neither summoning the puppets of the Guignols de l’Info on Canal +, nor the scientific controversies and the polemics on their thesis in which the most famous French twins got bogged down, not even their atypical physique which they also knew how to play.

No, to evoke Igor and Grishka Bogdanoff is to call up the memory of Temps X, a television UFO that has become cult and has remained unparalleled since. Created by Jacques Mousseau, director of youth programs at TF1, Temps X was the first popular science program.

On the screen from April 1979 – two years after the movie Star Wars – to June 1987, Igor and Grishka, in silver overalls, take us for 30 then 60 minutes in a unique program where science fiction and geek culture, the presentation of current scientific advances in the pleasure of discovering series then unseen in France, such as the Fourth Dimension, The Prisoner, Star Trek, Beyond the Real, Doctor Who or The Invaders.

Igor et Grichka Bogdanoff

Igor et Grichka Bogdanoff

From Yves Mourousi to Jean-Michel Jarre

From their “vessel” piloted by a certain Franck Dubosc, the twins, who were supported by Patrice Laffont and Yves Mourousi, approach UFOs or the barely created internet that they call Internex, fantastic archeology or Ariane 4, the nuclear waste, cloning or even artificial intelligence. The two futurists also invite science fiction authors or artists like Jean-Michel Jarre to discuss electronic music.

Seriousness thus rubs shoulders with lightness, and if, over the years, some will denounce the scientific approximations of the program, it will remain as the one that has aroused the scientific interest of thousands of kids.