Disappointing update on the future of ‘A Place to Dream’

Its protagonist, Alexandra Breckenridge, has announced on social networks the delay of season 5 of the Netflix romantic series. The fourth installment has yet to be released, but the incident threatens to break the good rhythm.

Netflix will premiere season 4 of A place to dream in 2022, although it has not yet confirmed an official release date. However, the fourth installment of the streaming platform’s romantic series is not the only one that its millions of followers around the world have to be aware of, since Netflix announced the renewal for two more seasons after the success of the debut of the third installment last summer of 2021.

With a fourth and a fifth season on the horizon, it is clear that the platform of the big N has absolute confidence in the fiction starring Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson and the truth is that it is not for less. Leader for weeks of the top of the most popular, the series has shown that its audience is wide and has the honor of being part of the list of successful series produced by the streaming service.

‘A place to dream’, renewed for two more seasons on Netflix

But nevertheless, the latest update on the future of A place to dream not so promising. The fourth season will arrive in 2022, yes, but it seems that for the fifth installment we could experience a long wait. The reason? A delay of several months in the start of production.

The delay, still of indeterminate duration, has been confirmed by the protagonist of the series herself, Alexandra Breckenridge, who has shared the situation through a series of ‘stories’ published on her personal account on Instagram this week:

We were scheduled to start shooting in March, but it’s been delayed so … I don’t know

“Maybe, I hope, we could start shooting in the summer,” he continued explaining with a huge smile. “It would be great to shoot in Vancouver in the summer rather than in the winter. To be honest, it’s fine by me to shoot in Vancouver in the winter. I’m not particularly interested in doing it again.”

A) Yes, Although the actress has some regret at the delay, she has realized that there is no harm that does not come: “It is really very cold. And when you’re out in sandals, scantily clad because it’s supposed to be summer … It’s not cool! “


Despite the delay in the production of the fifth season of A place to dream, the truth is fans of the series don’t have much to worry about. It will start shooting later and will be released later, yes, but with the fourth installment still unreleased, the truth is that Netflix could perfectly adjust the dates so that there were not too long waits between the two.

In this way, the platform would not break the good premiere rhythm that the series has, which barely let seven months pass between the debut of the second installment and the premiere of the third. What we could count on, however, is that there would be a year between the two seasons.

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On when season 4 of A place to dream, there is no date yet, but it seems that it has already finished filming, as Martin Henderson recently revealed that he was carrying out post-production tasks. If everything goes fine, we can speculate with the premiere in the middle of next year 2022 or maybe even earlier.