Discover the hidden gems of the Margenes Festival in its 11th edition that bets on theatrical cinema

It seeks to bring independent cinema to the general public, it will be 6 days in which 30 premieres will be seen and it will have the presence in Madrid of Miguel Gomes

The Margins Festival It has been breaking ground for eleven years: it was the first Spanish festival to bet almost exclusively on online, when few more believed in streaming. Márgenes was born as a risky festival, but accessible to all, and this year, when they reach 11 editions, they start a new stage renewing their image and opening their programming, which was previously dedicated to the Spanish and Latin American sphere. to the most innovative cinema made anywhere in the world.

At the same time, they keep their spirit online – from today until November 21 at their official website you can see a spotlight focused on Miguel Gomes with his first film and six short films for 3 euros-. And while everyone looks at VOD and looks for a way to negotiate with the big platforms, Margins sets a trend again, after a pandemic in which the abuse of home cinema has deprived us of part of the cinephile pleasure, and vindicates cinema in theaters.

It has turned into the cinemas with a very powerful face-to-face programming that brings to various theaters in Madrid some of the best films of the year and the most surprising of how many have passed from festivals around the world.

Margins Festival

Among its proposals, in this edition that starts today November 16 and will last until the 22nd we have rescued the hidden jewels of the festival that aim to bring the best and riskiest independent cinema closer to the general public. These are some of our recommendations. Some you can enjoy from anywhere in Spain, others you can only enjoy if you live in Madrid.

Skiing, by Manque La Banca.

Halfway between the tourist documentary, the sports report and the horror film, Esquí, by Manque La Blanca premiered at the Berlin Festival It is a party of surprises, a joy in which the history of Spanish colonization, tourism, techno, and myths and ghosts intersect.
More information here.

Eles transportan a morte, by Helena Girón and Samuel M. Delgado.

they transport death, by Helena Girón and Samuel M. Delgado, is one of the Spanish films of the year. Premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and later in San Sebastián, where it received one of the Zabaltegui awards, it is a 16mm fiction with three deserters from the expedition that took Columbus to the shores of America. A rereading of our colonial past with a fascinating and terrifying twist. Screening at Cineteca Madrid.

Sacred Spirit, by Chema García Ibarra

Margenes will also perform in Madrid for the first time the magisterial El Espíritu Sagrado by Chema García Ibarra. Awarded at festivals around the world, including the Locarno Festival, it brings us closer to a disturbing story of the members of a ufology association. A humorous film that slaps the viewer in a masterful way. More information here


Mrgencia is a new section that you should keep in mind to discover new talents. Redoubling its commitment to the newest and groundbreaking, Margenes has created a section this year in which it bets on the latest names. It is the cinema of the future. If none of the filmmakers who have programmed sounds familiar to you… they are doing their job well: don’t forget them, because they will surely make a lot of noise. Screenings at Cineteca Madrid.

Miguel Gomes Focus

Available online for all of Spain, this retrospective brings for the first time the complete collection of short films by Portuguese Miguel Gomes, one of the most interesting European filmmakers on the current international scene. Winner of the Special Margins Award, Filmoteca Española hosts the premiere in Madrid of his latest feature film, Directed together with Maureen Fazendeiro, after its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, a singular portrait of the reversal of the summer days after confinement. Tickets here.

The Great Movement, by Kiro Russo

The great moveby Kiro Russo. Bolivian and universal filmmaker, Russo’s second feature film, premiered at the Venice and San Sebastián Film Festival, it is one of the most surprising films you will be able to see this year. A hallucinatory and hallucinogenic trip through Bogotá, in which avant-garde cinema is mixed with the struggles of the miners with indigenous traditions, nightmares, demons and redemption.

Family margins.

Also this year in the space reserved for families and the smallest of the house in collaboration with My First Film Festival which is committed to vindicating the work of Spanish animation directors. Eight short films will be screened that have traveled to festivals around the world and are finally coming home. This family space seeks to educate the gaze. This year, the session that will take place on Sunday 21 at 12.00 at Cineteca Madrid aims to claim talent born in our territory and the selection is made up of eight animation short films that have traveled to numerous international festivals and that, finally, are they can enjoy at home. It is recommended from 5 years, and the price is 3.50 euros.