Discover the new villain of ‘Venom: There will be Carnage’ in this EXCLUSIVE report

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Who is Matanza’s new host? Why is he so ruthless? We give you the keys to the new villain of the horror film that hits theaters on October 15.

Just over a week to go until it is released in theaters Venom: there will be carnage, the continuation of Venom, starring Tom Hardy and directed by Andy Serkis, has broken a new collection record. The film is the second part of the story of the Marvel symbiote, from the Spider-Man universe. The film, which has been a box office phenomenon in its US premiere, by positioning itself as the best premiere in pandemia as it has grossed over $ 90 million in just its first weekend.

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The new simbonte movie drags us on this occasion to the story of Cletus Cassady, better known as Carnage (Slaughter in Spanish). He is the bloodiest enemy in the history of Spider-Man, a dangerous assassin who has decided to take revenge and murder everyone he blames for his terrible childhood.

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The actor who plays him, Woody Harrelson explains: “Cletus is a psychopathic assassin who took revenge on the people he held responsible for his horrible childhood, when he meets Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and becomes obsessed with him,” explains the actor who plays the villain.

The director, Andy Serkis, explains that the trigger for the most brutal story is when Cletus escapes from prison as a Slaughter.

“Matanza can change its molecular structure and its tentacles transform into different weapons. It was very exciting to see Matanza on screen,” concludes the director.

This time, the astute journalist and reporter, Eddie Brock, is learning to live with his symbiote and, in turn, will have to face another. It is about a bloody and sadistic killer: Carnage. The latter lives inside the body of inmate Cletus Cassady, who, after being infected, will undergo radical changes in his body. Cletus will acquire the powers of the Venom symbiote, which uses Brock as a host and turns him into a ruthless and dangerous supervillain.

The Venom character, created in the early 1980s by comic book authors David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane, is one of the bloodiest villains in this Marvel universe.