Disney bets on diversity and family in its new Christmas ad

‘Our other father’, a spot sung by Famous Oberogo, is part of the Christmas campaign ‘Stories that unite us’.


Christmas is getting closer and closer. Christmas ads are beginning to fill television, social media, and even radios. AND Disney He could not miss with his own Christmas spot for the second consecutive year, which you can see through his social networks. Our other father, that’s how it is titled, tells us an exciting story where diversity, family traditions and new family models are very present.

‘If love speaks’ is the song that accompanies the ad and this is performed by Famous Oberogo, winner of the 2018 edition of Triumph operation. His original version, ‘Love runs deeper’, Composed by Parkwild (Los Angeles), it has been performed internationally by singer and two Grammy winner Gregory Porter.

The animated piece, which lasts almost three and a half minutes, tells the story of Mike, a man who moves into the house of his partner Nicole and their two children, the result of a previous relationship. Mike will try to get hold of the family traditions and win over the members of his new family and, to achieve this, he will have the help of Disney.

A story that makes the hair stand on end and excites even more thanks to the wise choice of Famous to sing it. And it is that this announcement goes far beyond Christmas, since the plot reveals to us how the power of telling stories, the importance of family traditions, new family models and current cultural diversity can strengthen family ties.

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Disney, very present at Christmas

Who does not remember as a child to see a Disney classic on a Christmas afternoon? Mickey Mouse’s House has always been closely related to this time of year. Almost all the little ones in the house play with toys inspired by Disney characters and many families congregate in front of the screen to see some of his films.

This is one of the reasons why the company has decided to create a new ‘brand spot’ as a starting point for your Christmas campaign. In addition, of course, the great success of his short last year.

Our other father be part of the Christmas campaign Stories that unite us, while the ad has been launched in 45 countries around the world and, as we have told you, it is the second Christmas ‘brand spot’ in Disney’s history. Everything to support for the second year in a row the Make-A-Wish foundation on an international level. A union, that of Disney and Make-A-Wish, that has been changing the lives of seriously ill children since 1980, enriching their lives through personal experiences of hope, strength and joy.

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The ‘brand spot’ has been developed by Disney’s creative team in collaboration with the New Zealand studio Flux Animation Studios. And through him and Make-a-Wish, Dylan, a 13-year-old boy, has been able to fulfill his dream of becoming animator collaborating with the studio on one of their creatives.