Disney+ premieres: This week the series that unites the protagonists of two of the most successful Turkish fictions

The Mickey Mouse House streaming platform incorporates ‘Between the world and me’ and ‘Extraordinary’ into its catalogue.

Like many people, I’m sure you enjoyed these two Turkish series: My home, my destiny Y My daughter. If you did, now you can remember the protagonists of both fictions with the new Disney+ series. Between the world and me is the grand premiere of the Mickey Mouse House streaming platform this week.

The title features Demet Özdemir and Buğra Gülsoy in the lead roles. The first appeared in My home, my destiny and the second in My daughter. In this project they play a couple. He is a famous actor and she is his girlfriend, who poses as another woman on social media to test him.

Another of the titles that opens this week on Disney + is extraordinarya fantasy-adventure comedy set in a world where everyone is given a power when they turn 18.

Check out all the series premiering this week on Disney+ below:



in the world of extraordinary, everyone receives a power of attorney when they turn 18. Well, everyone except the protagonist of this story, Jen, who is already 25 years old and feels that he has been left behind. To help her and so that she does not feel like a freak of hers are her roommates Carrie Y Kash and a stray cat. Jen has set herself a goal: to find her superpower. Will she get it?

This fantasy adventure comedy is created by Emma Moran and stars Siobján McSweeney, Máiréad Tyers and Sofia Oxenham.

Premiere: January 25.

Between the world and me

the couple of ilkin He is a very famous actor. The protagonist fears that her partner will stop loving her and she, faced with her fear, decides to put him to the test. Ilkin creates a fake profile on social networks and contacts him. The protagonist pretends to be a woman that she has invented and who could seduce him.

Between the world and mea romantic drama created by Hülya Gezer, stars Demet Özdemir and Buğra Gülsoy.

Premiere: January 25.

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