Diverto: “Crosswords signed by a big name are coming back”

the essential
The third issue of Diverto, the new TV magazine of the regional press, comes out this Sunday. Antoine Daccord, its director, draws up an initial assessment.

How is the launch of Diverto going?

We have very good feedback from readers, advertisers, TV channels and platforms. We produced three very strong covers on the first issues with Audrey Fleurot, Brad Pitt and Anaïs Demoustier covering three universes: platform news, cinema and also music. The next one will be very TV because everyone is welcome at Diverto.

Is the magazine present on the web?

Directo.tv has been online since January 3. The site takes over the magazine, offers a directory of videos on demand, delivers a more exhaustive schedule of TV programs and processes a continuous flow of information.

What’s new with Diverto?

Our ambition is to offer a magazine that is aimed at viewers interested in classic TV, broadcast in linear, and those wishing not to miss anything from the platforms. What is appreciated are these two proposals that we are formulating: live TV and platforms.

Is the magazine expected to evolve in future issues?

We take care to listen to the messages of our readers. We heard the disappointment on the crossword puzzle. From this Sunday, readers will therefore find larger grids with a strength of 5 to 7 by Guy Brouty. It’s the return of a talented verbicrucist! From the fourth issue of Diverto (January 29), the grids will be further enlarged with a full page. As for crosswords, readers will find this Sunday the grids signed by Louis Torenas.

In addition, the TV channels of the second double page will again be classified with the historical numbering from January 29. The size and readability of the font will be improved for numbers 6 or 7.