Do you love her or hate her? 5 movies that divide the world and that you can watch on Netflix

Surely you have ever left the cinema enthusiastic and have realized that what you just saw you only liked. And vice versa. With these titles something similar will happen to you.

Few movies or series achieve unanimity of opinions. The normal thing is that there is diversity in the critics and, no matter how good a feature film is, there will always be dissenting voices. Eye! It also happens the other way around and tapes that have been described as the most absolute horror find their audience. We know very well that opinions are subjective and, above all, that it is impossible to agree.

Instead of generating conflicts, that can be something very nice, especially if we are talking about the world of cinema. How nice that there is that amalgam of judgments that allow a film to have different lives and reach just those who need it. The 5 productions that we compile here have generated a total division of opinions since their premiere and, since there is no one who agrees with them, we present them to you so that you can decide for yourself if you are in their favor or against them. .

Do you the more or do you hate it? 5 movies that divide the world and that you can watch on Netflix (from now on).

‘Don’t look up’ (2021)

Adam McKay’s film has just hit the streaming platform after being widely criticized by the specialized press. They put it like a messy tape that overflows with images and whose message does not leave the United States. But nevertheless, the public has turned in their favor and it is one of the most viewed Netflix tapes.

Many viewers believe that it is a funny story and, although it is true that it is long and is a waste of shots of all kinds, above all it is a pleasant film that manages to send a very powerful message to society. If after watching the movie you still believe that society has salvation, perhaps you live in a bubble of optimism.

‘Mother!’ (2017)

After the premiere of Mother! in 2017, it seemed that no one was agreeing. It was first seen by those attending the Venice Festival. There were those who believed that it was a risky but accurate project by Darren Aronofsky and placed it as one of the achievements of his career. On the other hand, detractors emerged who, practically, saw it as a ridiculous film.

With this panorama, it reached theaters and the great controversy arose. The Jennifer Lawrence-starring film received numerous complaints about its graphic violence, but at the same time, voices emerged that continued to view it as genius. What is it Mother!? In this case more than any other, it depends on the opinion of each one.

‘The sixth day’ (2000)

When Arnold Schwarzenegger signed for The 6th day He did it with the conviction that it would change his career. It was the end of the 90s, when the action hero had started doing easy comedies like Junior or A Father in Trouble – nothing against the latter, by the way – and wanted to reinvent himself. The attempt was regular, as Roger Spottiswoode’s film was defenestrated by critics.

‘The sixth day’, the film with which Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to reinvent himself and ended up nominated for the Razzie

The truth is that among the public he did not do much better, but at least he has his legion of fans. Having Schwarzenegger as the protagonist has its advantages and is that the actor is loved by a large part of the audience. That factor, together with the passage of time and nostalgia, make many defend the film as a good way to entertain themselves.

‘The witch’ (2016)

Depending on who you talk to, it will describe you The witch one way or another. Those in favor of it will say that it is a great horror film, with a riveting atmosphere and a clever narrative that simmers. Those who are against will define it as a want and cannot of the genre, which promises a lot at the beginning and then leaves you a bland impression.

Robert Eggers, the same The lighthouse -Another controversial film-, premiered in 2016 his vision of witchcraft. No one doubts his talent with photography and its staging, but the plot and, above all, the tedium of the events has been widely debated. Judge for yourself.

‘Ghostbusters’ (2016)

We enter thorny terrain around here. The famous anti-supernatural squad franchise added a new installment with a cast made up exclusively of women and the controversy was served almost instantly. Much of the public did not accept that Peter Venkman, Raty Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore were ‘replaced’ and rejected what director Paul Feig wanted to tell in Ghostbusters.

On the other side, those who welcomed the 2016 film as one more film to discover. Not everyone liked it, but they gave him the benefit of the doubt. The final verdict? A good reception among critics but low ratings among the general public. Interestingly, in the following, Ghostbusters: Beyond, just the opposite happened. Approved by the press and an A-1 as a home for viewers.

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