Dog Gets To Play Elden Ring With A Dance Mat And Pulls Off A Feat Some Players Can’t Emulate – Elden Ring

Since its release almost 1 year ago, millions of players have tried to enter the Middle Lands of Elden Ring. However, not all users who try to carry out this feat are able to successfully overcome the challenges, challenges and extreme combat that awaits them in the last of Hidetaka Miyazaki Y FromSoftware. But while said quest may not be up to the task of some experienced players, it seems that it hasn’t been able to scare off a dog capable of running away from a dragon.

For a few weeks, the streamer miss mikkaa has gained popularity thanks to its challenges centered on the Elden Ring. Since kill the hardest boss in the game using a dance mat until Defeat 2 Malenia simultaneously using the same deviceIt seems that everything that is impossible in the game is a process for this streamer. However, as can be seen in the tweet on these lines, his dog was able to save him a game by keeping the character safe from a dragon. Therefore, it is seen that the dog has learned well from the activities of its owner.

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Main image by MissMikkaa (Twitter)