Donald Trump hangs up on a journalist in the middle of an interview

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An interview between Donald Trump and the American public radio NPR was cut short. The ex-president didn’t like the reporter’s contradiction about his claims about fraud in the 2020 presidential election and curtly ended the interview.

Donald Trump is no longer President of the United States but he is still in the news for his angry temper. During an interview for an American public radio NPR recorded on Tuesday, January 11, he decided to end the discussion harshly because the journalist, Steve Inskip, contradicted his claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

The interview began with health news and the crisis linked to Covid-19 and the Omicron variant, but quickly deviated to the false information disseminated by Donald Trump on the last American presidential elections. He claims there was fraud in Joe Biden’s 2020 win

The journalist then asked the ex-president to react to the remarks of the Republican Senator from South Dakota, Mike Rounds, according to whom the “Republicans lost the presidential election of 2020” and for whom to continue talking about a so-called fraud would dissuade American voters from going to the polls in the midterm elections of November 2022. Donald Trump’s dry answer: “If you look at what they found in Arizona, in Georgia, in Pennsylvania or in Wisconsin, they find impossible things. It was a rigged election.”

“He’s gone, okay”

Steve Inskip then read the conclusion of an unofficial audit commissioned by the Arizona Republicans, which found no evidence of large-scale fraud. “Isn’t it true that there were more ballots than voters in Philadelphia?” Asks Donald Trump. “It’s not true. You know very well that it was an erroneous partial report which was later corrected,” replies the journalist.

And when the interview is 9 minutes of heated exchanges, Donald Trump says: “Thanks Steve, that was good” without the journalist paying attention. The latter continues: “I wanted to ask you a question about January 6 … He is no longer there, OK”. Steve Inskip understands that Donald Trump is no longer on the phone and has decided to end the interview before the scheduled 15 minutes.