‘Don’t breathe 2’ and 7 other horror movies with indestructible villains

We selected some of the terrifying characters that have made it worse for their victims on the big screen.

Serial killers with horrible masks, with extraordinary abilities, capable of getting where you least expect them…. The history of horror movies has left us great villains and many nightmares, both in children and adults. But not all of them can cause the same level of terror. There are some who take the cake for being the most violent, ruthless or just the opposite.

Here we do a review of those indestructible villains that we would not like to meet for anything in the world. From classics like Freddy Krueger, who for a long time remains in the top 3 of the worst horror characters -in a good way-, to characters that may seem innocent but hide the very devil inside.

The Blind Man from ‘Don’t Breathe’

A blind retired man seems the furthest thing from a threat that we could find in a movie. Except if it is the ex-military man who is played by Stephen Lang in Don’t Breathe 2. In that case we can run. The actor once again puts himself in the shoes of the psychopath who ended the life of the group of young people who dared to enter his house. What seemed like a simple robbery ended up turning against him. Who would have thought that this old man was a former military man hardened in all kinds of battles?

For that reason, the Blind Man is one of those horror movie villains that we would not like to find in an alley or, worse, in our living room. The character created by Fede Álvarez and Rodolfo Sayagües is so earthly that he becomes a worse enemy than any supernatural being. We know that he has feelings and that this leads to weaknesses, but we cannot help but see him as the slightly surly neighbor downstairs who one day decides to kill you if his patience runs out.

On Do not breathe 2 We will see him facing his past, since another group of young people stalks him to avenge the death of his companions in the previous installment.

Dr. Josef Heiter from ‘The Human Centipede’

We’d rather run in the rain running away from Michael Myers to have to spend a second with the doctor Josef Heiter from The Human Centipede because the consequences can be devastating. If you do not know him, we will simply say that he is a person capable of using human beings to carry out the most grotesque experiments and his greatest triumph is having managed to unite the digestive tracts of three people. How? Exactly how you are imagining it, with a creative mouth-anus surgery.

There is only something worse than the most disturbed minds in the world and they are his followers. If the first part of the saga already manages to turn stomachs, imagine the reaction that the second part awakens, where an impersonator manages to unite 12 people. And the third, where there are two depraved people who dare to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Heiter with a centipede formed by the prisoners of a jail. We will not go into details, but the scenes of the third installment are only suitable for people without a stomach.

With Dr. Josef Heiter you not only have to face an absolute psychopath with dangerous medical knowledge, there is also the horde of imitators who will try to do the same with him in the most grotesque way possible. No thanks.

Jigsaw de ‘Saw’

When the ruthless Jigsaw He came to the big screen back in 2005, no one imagined that he would soon become one of the most powerful villains in horror movies. If you have already come across him in one of the first three installments of the Saw saga, you will know that for John Kramer, the person who hides under the pseudonym Jigsaw, the most important thing is that those around him appreciate his life. So at first glance it may seem like a good thing, but nothing could be further from the truth. Because to show him that they really value what they have, his victims will have to face a macabre game, in which they will have to choose between death or giving up something very valuable to them.

Of course, it is hard to believe that a terminally ill cancer patient, like Kramer, has chosen to spend the last days of his life testing people he believes do not value what they have. His plan begins to take shape after the death of the son he was expecting with his wife, and it ends up materializing when, after detecting a brain tumor, in an advanced stage, he tries to commit suicide by crashing his car. Upon exiting the accident unscathed, he transforms into a terrifying being and begins to kidnap innocents.

His modus operandi is fascinating and creepy, in equal measure. For each of his victims he prepares a game with different “tests”, some of them in which the “participants” will have the option of choosing to mutilate parts of their body in the hope of being “victorious”. After seeing what it is capable of, not appreciating what you have is not an option.

‘Don’t breathe 2’: “Our monster will have to face himself”

Kayako from ‘The Curse’

Undoubtedly, Japanese horror cinema has a secret ingredient with which it has managed to conquer millions of viewers around the world, making them experience moments of authentic panic in front of the screen. One of the most iconic Japanese characters in the genre is the sinister Kayako, the protagonist of the saga The Curse, that if now does not come to mind you will remember her for having her face covered by her long black hair.

Its creator Takashi Shimizu was inspired by ‘onryō’, a character considered a vengeful ghost in Japanese culture. That is why both Kayako and his son Toshio are represented in the franchise as two ghosts full of rancor and revenge. Both have the power to become the worst nightmare of anyone who crosses the landing of what was once their home.

Kayako has another power, that of etching itself on your retina to the point of imagining that it might appear at the end of the hall in your house.

The entity of ‘It Follows’

The creator of It Follows, David Robert Mitchell, came up with the ingredients for the unbeatable villain: an entity who takes the form that suits him best, who knows where his victim is at all times and will not stop until he is done with it.

In the 2014 horror movie, the protagonists are faced with a supernatural being that they have contracted as a sexual disease. They know that whoever goes after them moves slowly but surely. As if it were a person who does not need to eat or sleep. The only thing you can do to get rid of it is to have sex with another person, who will have the same problem.

It may not seem as deadly as other members of the list and the chances of getting out alive are quite high, but what about the mental health of those who know that if they relax, they are finished? They cannot sit quietly to read a book, nor can they sleep through all the hours their body needs. They cannot go down the street without constantly looking back, expecting the threat. They cannot even enjoy a good meal at mealtime. For all these reasons, the entity of It Follows he is one of the most indestructible villains.

Annie Wilkes de ‘Misery’

We go back to the theory that the worst villains are those who seem to be taken from your own neighborhood block. They score double if, in addition, they have an endearing aspect, as if they were that friend of your mother who always brought you cookies. All that is Annie Wilkes, Misery’s terrible psychopath, beautifully portrayed by Kathy Bates in the 1990 film.

In case you’re not familiar with her, Wilkes is an affable woman who takes Paul Sheldon, a novel writer, into her home after a serious accident. He is practically immobilized and Annie, who is a nurse, is willing to take care of him. The problem is that she is his “number one fan” and will do everything possible to keep him at home. In other words, Paul has been kidnapped.

The greatest terror of Misery is that Paul trusts who should not and that can happen to any of us.

Freddy Krueger from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

Wes Craven is the creator of the mythical Freddy Krueger, that gloomy character capable of sneaking into dreams to become your worst nightmare. Whether you have seen a Nightmare on Elm Street or not, surely if it appeared to alter your dreams you would recognize it the first time, thanks to its characteristic face disfigured by burns, and its inimitable ‘look’ with its striped sweater and its gloves with metallic claws. .

Seen from the outside, Freddy has a good thing and a terrible thing. The first is that you know that during the day, as long as you stay awake, it won’t get in your way. The second, that you fear the arrival of night and that moment when your eyelids unconsciously close and you begin to slip into sleep. The worst thing is that once inside your subconscious it is capable of taking the form you want and impersonating that person you would never distrust.

If this happens you are lost, because after all, Freddy is a demonic spirit who enjoys killing, and fighting against such a powerful entity does not usually give very good results.

Pennywise de ‘It’

We close our selection of unbeatable villains with the sinister Pennywise, the well-known clown protagonist of Stephen King’s novel, It, which in 2017 made the leap to the big screen. It is a reality that clowns awaken mixed feelings in individuals. There are those who adore them and those who feel real dread every time they see one of them or remember that afternoon at the circus. But I think that with Pennywise there is a consensus, and I doubt that there is any being on the face of the Earth that would dare to smile when seeing him.

In the film directed by Andy Muschietti, Pennywise becomes a real torture for the group of friends who call themselves The Losers Club. The teenagers decide to go out and find the mysterious killer who has caused panic in their town, Derry. However, they soon discover that the one responsible for the crimes is a sadistic entity that can shapeshift into even more fearsome creatures.

The Losers Club knows this well. Making a phone call to the police or setting him up is no use to catch Pennywise.