Don’t buy Escape From Tarkov on Steam, Valve has been selling a scam all day

Escape from Tarkov increases the list of games that do not use Steam, nor any launcher from third parties, despite shooting it every month. Many of these games are in active development and only make use of Steam once they are officially released. The case of the Battlestate Games shooter is yet to be discovered, but today Escape From Tarkov itself has appeared on Steam with a description, photos and “official” accreditations.

This is real? maybe the shooter of the Russians will eventually get to the biggest gaming platform on the PC, but it won’t be today. The game is sold for a not exorbitant price of 43.99 euros, a value somewhat more expensive than its base version on the studio’s website. However, it is only a scam with all the letters.

The Spanish community of the game has echoed this morning via Twitter, and at 3DJuegosPC we have accessed its Steam page (around noon) to verify that, indeed, the game is advertised as official with Battlestate Games in the lead . The first indication that you have to doubt is undoubtedly its release date set in the December 27, 2022.

Escape from Tarkov only hits Twitch every 6 months, and this January it has grown 458% in viewers, but why?

The second and most curious thing is that, unlike other games and, unfortunately, even scams, these malicious users have not had a minimum of imagination to decorate the description of the game to pass it off as real. As of 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 24, the game page appears disabled in the store in Spanish, but has been active all morning.

You have to be very careful and that is not the firstnot the second time either something similar happens on the Valve platform. In late 2022, the Unreal Engine 5 demo of a Superman game slipped into the store after apparently being stolen from its owner, who uploaded it online for free without seeking to profit from it.