‘Dopesick: Story of an addiction’, the Disney + miniseries that every citizen should see

The fiction directed by Barry Levinson (‘Rain Man’) and headed by Michael Keaton (‘The Founder’) tells how a pharmaceutical company caused the worst drug epidemic in the US Now available on the platform for Disney + Day!

November 12, 2021. Disney celebrates Disney + Day and to celebrate it, the streaming platform has scheduled various premieres in its catalog. Among them one of the brightest, is Dopesick: Story of an addiction, a miniseries that everyone should see sometime in their life; a drama that hooks from beginning to end, and not only because of its plot. We explain why this great series is essential for all those who have ever gone through a doctor’s consultation.

Dopesick It is one of those fictions that only draws attention because of its premise. The miniseries focuses on the worst drug epidemic ever to occur in the US, opioid addiction, triggered by a pharmacist and based on a true story. Spectators also see all perspectives of this fight, from the boardrooms of large pharmaceutical companies to a battered Virginia mining community or the offices of the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Administration of the US Department of Justice.

Millions of opioid addicts: we tell you what is behind ‘Dopesick: Story of an addiction’

Inspired by the eponymous book by Beth Macy, a ‘bestseller’ in The New York Times list, the fiction presents its protagonists as they try to defeat the agents responsible for this crisis and their allies. But it will not be an easy road. The obstacles will be constant and they will have to draw strength to fight. An intense as well as exciting journey that offers a complex picture of a painful reality.

Behind the scenes

Dopesick: Story of an addiction is written by the Emmy winner Danny Strong (Empire) and directed by the Oscar winner Barry Levinson (Rain Man). The executive producers of the series, apart from these two, also include John Goldwyn (Dexter), Michael Keaton -also protagonist-, Warren Littlefield (The Handmaid’s Tale), Karen Rosenfelt (Twilight) and the author of the book Beth Macy herself.

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The combination of these great creative minds has an impressive result, which is palpable from the first episode, out of eight in total. The series manages to tell well what it wants to tell, transmits sensations and perfectly narrates what happens to its characters. And it is that beyond counting the number of affected, it focuses on people.

Magnificent cast

The script is powerful, although it would be useless without an impeccable cast. And the truth is that those responsible for the cast have been right. All the performers are fabulous and it seems that the roles are tailor-made for them. The performances, as they tell a true story, catch you and make you empathize with those affected and hate those responsible for what happened.

Kaitlyn Dever (Justified) is heartbreaking in the role of Betsy, a young miner who after a back injury becomes addicted to the drug that the pharmaceutical company sells as if it had no side effects, but ends up creating addictions. This recipe is issued by Dr. Samuel Finnix, played by a magnificent Michael Keaton (The founder), a widower concerned about his patients. Along with them stands a surprising Will Poulter (The Maze Runner), which plays Billy Cutler, a commercial for the pharmaceutical company who convinces the doctor to prescribe his opioid-based drug.

Among others, the cast is completed by Peter Sarsgaard (The orphan) as Rick Mountcastle, US attorney; Michael Stuhlbarg (Boardwalk Empire) as Richard Sackler, the former president of the pharmaceutical company, and Rosario Dawson (Sin City) as Bridget Meyer, a DEA agent.

Dopesick: Story of an addiction, now available on Disney +, is essential for its powerful premise, its magnificent cast and the painful story that is behind told with a lot of humanity. A great title to celebrate the second anniversary of the platform.

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