Dosseh at Connexion: “I’m coming to set fire to the stage!”

the essential
Rapper Dosseh will be on the Connexion Live stage this Tuesday. He tells the suburbs through his words, via a technical flow and a precise, almost surgical writing.

How would you qualify “Too early to die”, your last album?

Hmm, I’ll say “feather and flow seriously, it’s hard to qualify yourself, especially since I’m versatile. The album revolves a lot around the theme of death. And therefore, life at the same time. The reaper can arrive at all times, so you have to take advantage of every second so you don’t leave feeling like you’ve missed something or haven’t done enough. That’s my way of seeing things and I want to pass it on.

There are some particularly poignant sounds on the record…

The events of the past few years have made me reflect and focus on myself. Music is never just music. As for the message, it can take several forms: encouraging us to dance, giving a lesson in life, politics or just conveying emotions. “Fleur d’automne” is about the death of my mother, “Djamel” pays tribute to my friend and to the victims and survivors of the Paris attacks… The end result is that you always have to rebuild yourself to eat the world. Death, when it arrives, reminds us that it is never far away. And it’s still too early to die.

What do you have in store for us at Connexion?

The show will be like the album and my music! I will interpret the pieces that people have liked, those that convey messages, those that make people dance, think… We will go through all the emotions. I just promise it will be a warm moment. It’s gonna suck. In addition, I’m happy to be here, it’s my first in Toulouse! I hope the people of Toulouse will welcome me. Me, I come to set fire on stage. And I won’t leave until it’s burnt out.

What are your projects ?

The objective is to release new albums, the next mixtapes… I am at the start of the last cycle of my career, I want it to be as virtuous as possible. May it all end in great celebration. You have to leave an imprint. But for that, you have to get out at some point! I’ve been rapping for 20 years. I feel like I’m coming to the end of something even if it could still take a long time. And it’s not sad. It’s just life and I already have small ideas about what to do next. But I can’t say anything at the moment!

Tuesday February 7 at 7 p.m. at Connexion Live (8 Rue Gabriel-Péri, Toulouse). Price: €22 (