‘Dragon Ball’: The creator has the perfect actor to be Goku (but it is impossible)

Akira Toriyama has spoken.

The Dragon Ball franchise has been drawing audiences for decades. It has several anime, a large number of movies and television specials. However, few have dared to turn this universe into a live action movie. The most notorious case -and not precisely because it is something good- is that of Dragonball Evolution, that 2009 premiere that more than one follower denies.

The film directed by James Wong relied on flesh and blood actors to bring the Japanese hit to the big screen. Justin Chatwin was commissioned to play Goku, James Marsters was Piccolo, Emmy Rossum played Bulma, and Jamie Chung was Chi-Chi. Unfortunately, the tape did not convince. Rather the complete opposite. Many blame poor dialogue, poorly integrated special effects, and mediocre performance in the end result, although the bar was set very high.

Is there someone who can translate the story into a live action movie and be fully satisfying for fans of dragonball? We don’t know if any director will try his luck again, but Akira Toriyama, father of the famous franchise, knows who could be the perfect Goku. In 2013, the creator assured that his first choice for the film would have been the young man Jackie Chan. “Nobody could play Goku except him,” Toriyama said..

His admiration for the actor goes back a long way and he does not hide the fact that his work was one of his great influences in shaping dragonball. Toriyama was a big fan of Hong Kong martial arts movies and wanted to make an anime based on them. that’s how he was born dragon boywhich would later become the series we all know, a fiction full of fight scenes directly inspired by Jackie Chan.

Respect is reciprocal. Jackie Chan himself has declared himself a follower of dragonball. When she heard that there were rumors about her possible casting, she read the manga and caught up with the anime. “My favorite character is of course Goku. There are many fascinating scenes. It is a work that I would really like to turn into a film. dragonball has many amazing ideas and imagination“, told the actor in the Daizenshuu series guide.

It would have been an ideal choice decades ago, but today Jackie Chan is 67 years old. He is somewhat old to get into the skin of the Saiyan. In the event that any studio dares to transfer the story to the big screen once again, Toriyama will have to find someone who is on the level of the famous martial arts expert.

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