‘Dragon Ball: the Last Stand’, the ‘fan made’ movie that the franchise deserves

If you left watching ‘Dragonball Evolution’ with a bad taste in your mouth, don’t miss this creation made by followers. Will it come true?

Carry the essence of Dragon Ball to the big screen with actors of flesh and blood has not gone too well in his first attempts. We are not talking about those first productions of the 90s, which were born from the impetus of the fans and respected the original material despite the final result, but from Dragonball Evolution, which was very badly caught by the fandom.

Years have passed and it seems that the possibility of an adaptation in real action, instead of getting closer, is moving away. In an attempt to prove that Akira Toriyama’s characters should have a second chance, some fans have decided to take charge and create the film they believe the franchise deserves. At the moment what they have been able to do is a trailer, but it is such a fine and professional work that there are many who ask that it be made into a feature film.

Is about Dragon Ball Movie: The Last Stand, a production that appeared on YouTube a few months ago and that put fans in agreement. “How is it possible that a fan, someone who probably never has the budget that Hollywood has, can make a movie like that?”, “This is epic, really wanting to see what is to come” or “I hope it is from truth “are some of the comments that can be read.

This trailer came after Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Man, a nearly half-hour-long piece created by Black Smoke Films that follows the story of Trunks in an alternate future. Vegeta and Bulma’s son is the last Z Warrior who can stand up to Cell. It received very positive feedback for the way it handled the source material. In the end, this seems to be one of Hollywood’s biggest problems.

If these fan creations are successful it is because they give the fans what they want. They know the world of Toriyama well and have long debated with other fans about what is worth bringing to the screen. The only thing missing is the huge budget for American productions. If any studio puts this project back on the table, they already know that there are several volunteers to write the script and supervise the recording so that everything goes as the franchise deserves.

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