‘Dragon Ball’: This Marvel actor is perfect to play Goku on the big screen

With the purchase of 20th Century Fox, Disney has the rights to the Akira Toriyama series so there are rumors about a new adaptation.

Dragon Ball has been a true worldwide phenomenon for decades, but the manga created by Akira Toriyama has never been successful when it comes to live-action film adaptations. There have been several attempts to bring the adventures of Goku and his friends to the big screen; Among which are the film Dragon Ball (a Taiwanese production without the rights of the characters) and even a Korean version in which Heo Sung-tae, one of the protagonists of The Squid Game, participated.

In 2009 20th Cenetury Fox raised public expectations with the launch of Dragonball Evolution in theaters. But, unfortunately, the movie was a flop: the fans were very disappointed with the film starring Justin Chatwin and the criticism was destructive with the end result. Now, after the purchase of the studio by the almighty Walt Disney, rumors of a new live action adaptation that do justice to the work created by Toriyama in 1984 are increasing.

For some time now, the number of followers who roll has increased a lot ‘fan films’, available on the internet, which enjoy great success on the video platforms where they are hosted. In 2015, the pilot episode of a web series with non-professional actors called Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope. Two years later, thanks to a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign, the fiction had two more chapters. In May of this year, a fake trailer with the title Dragon Ball Movie: The Last Stand, with the idea of ​​showing what a quality live action movie inspired by the history of the series could look like.

‘Dragon Ball’: The creator has the perfect actor to be Goku (but it is impossible)

Despite all the rumors, the only one who has really positioned himself has been actor Dylan O’Brien, who stated during an interview that he would like to play the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z in a live action version of the anime. Now, the Brazilian artist Samukarts has published on his official Instagram profile a ‘fan art’ who imagines what Simu Liu, the protagonist of the new Marvel hit Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings, would be like, turned into Goku. And the truth is that, seen the result, the interpreter is perfect for the role.

With each passing day, and with new fan productions (whether in the form of a serial pilot, a fake trailer or this ‘fan art’), the need for Hollywood to start producing more content from the Dragon Ball universe is further demonstrated. . It is a very popular franchise and it seems like one of the most juicy projects for the industry. However, it must be remembered that when it was announced Dragonball Evolution, manga creator Akira Toriyama was not satisfied with the outcome, and probably doesn’t want to see another new American production anytime soon. We will have to wait to see what decisions Disney makes regarding rights, knowing how the company resurrected another mythical saga such as Star Wars.

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