dream come true with the savage graphics that is in Game Pass

Just around the corner we have Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the new Rocksteady in the DC universe. However, the developer reached a fabulous peak of excellence with the deliveries of Batman: Arkham. Asylum, Origins and City were three highly recommended titles and the adventures of the Dark Knight came to an end in 2016.

It was with the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight, a title that had a poor reception on PC, although it was a success on consoles and that looks scandalous seven years after its appearance. Available on Xbox Game Pass, here we are presented with the most open work of the hero, being able to use all the gadgets obtained thanks to the money and ingenuity of Bruce Wayne.

Gotham City it is completely at our disposal to go through it from top to bottom, with a great depth of scenarios and a lot of vertical movement. The Scarecrow is presented as the main villain, along with other criminals such as harley quinnthe Penguin, Two faces Y riddlerbut there is a very special one.

The Joker will be present, but this is because the clown appears in Batman’s mind continuously and maintains dialogues with the character, tormenting him. We will have to put up with his heavy jokes while we drive the Batmobile through the streets, use detective mode to act as forensics and carry out all kinds of side missions.

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There are many hidden villains that we can discover in ramifications of the main plot, granting much more content during the 17 hours of departure that you have insured Of course, the combat system of Batman: Arkham Knightone of the most praised of the previous generation.

The Dark Knight is capable of executing impossible stunts, blows that knock anyone out, and a nimble combination of moves that will be punctuated by the game. On the other hand, stealth is also essential, injecting fear into opponents using the batarangs, the anchor pistol or the line thrower.