Dress up as your favorite movie and series characters with the best Black Friday deals

We select the best movie ‘looks’ for this Christmas.

Surely more than once you have thought about how what your favorite character from the small or the big screen would be wearing would look on you. Today is your lucky day because at SensaCine we have selected some of those ‘looks’ with which you will feel as if you were part of the cast of that movie or series that you like so much. Furthermore, with the Black Friday you will find them at a fantastic price. Do you dare to wear a new model this Christmas?

Beth Harmon in ‘Lady’s Gambit’

Travel back to the 60s with the look of Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) in Lady’s Gambit. Get it with a flared ‘midi’ skirt and a turtleneck, like the ones in the picture.

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Mia in ‘La La Land’

If you prefer to feel like a Hollywood star, you might prefer Mia’s (Emma Stone) ‘look’ in La La Land. The protagonist of Damien Chazelle’s film loves flared dresses, and it’s no wonder they look great. For these parties we have chosen you one with long sleeves, more suitable for winter temperatures, but that would surely conquer the young aspiring actress.

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Rachel as ‘Friends’

The basics never fail and if you are a fan of Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) on Friends, you know that very well. With a lingerie top and flared jeans, you’ll have an ideal ‘look’ for any time of the day.

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Mia en ‘Pulp Fiction’

Going out to party should not be at odds with comfort and if not that they tell Mia (Uma Thurman) in Pulp Fiction. If these Christmas parties you have plans, you will be perfect with a white shirt and black pants like the ones we have selected for you.

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Sheldon Cooper en ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Another of the ideal characters to copy his style is Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) in The Big Bang Theory. He did not eat his head too much and with a long-sleeved T-shirt, a short-sleeved shirt on top, and a pair of chinos, he was ready for any date, from solving complex chemical formulas to eating on the couch at home.

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Vivian en ‘Pretty Woman’

It was difficult to stay with just one of the fabulous models that Vivian (Julia Roberts) sports in Pretty Woman. We have chosen the red suit jacket because it is a basic, but we wanted to give it a more modern touch with a plaid model, and changing the Bermuda shorts for a skirt.

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Shaun en ‘The Good Doctor’

Without a doubt, Shaun (Freddie Highmore) in The Good Doctor has the key to going to work elegant and comfortable. What better combination than chinos, a shirt and a plain jacket?

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Sandy en ‘Grease’

We could not think of a better character than Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) in Grease to close this selection of film ‘looks’. Its ‘total black’ style is ideal for these Christmas holidays, and you can wear it only with leather effect leggings, a black T-shirt (now with long sleeves) and a leather jacket.

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