‘Dune’: from the deepest desert to the Norwegian Sea. These are the actual locations of the movie

Denis Villeneuve returns 10 years later to one of the places where he filmed his film Incendies.

Denis Villeneuve has been in charge of bringing Dune, the Frank Herbert classic, back to the big screen. If there is something that is special about the novel, it is its places and locations that are as extraterrestrial as they are realistic. To give the film the necessary naturalism, the author of Blade Runner 2049 moved the team to different locations around the world, from the deepest desert to the Nordic seas of Norway.

One of the first settlements the team had the opportunity to address was to Stadlandet, and Norway, located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea. This peninsular region of Norway, surrounded by fjords, was selected to set the planet Caladan in which the Atreides House is located, the birthplace of the protagonist Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet). Herbert referred to Caladan as an oceanic world, hence in some sequences the immense beaches of Stadlandet are shown with that gloomy and Nordic touch that characterizes that place.

But if there is a protagonist greater than Paul Atreides himself, it is the desert of Arrakis of the planet Dune. Dunes and dunes stretching to the horizon. All of them star in some of the most shocking images in the entire film. For this reason, this location had to be perfect. For this Villeneuve selected the Liwa desert, in Abu Dhabi, where they shot for 11 days. They had the help of the Abu Dhabi Film Commission to select the best areas to shoot the longest and widest aerial sequences in the film.

However, for the more arid scenes inside Arrakis, where much of the end of the action takes place, Villeneuve turned to an old acquaintance, Wadi Rum, or the Valley of the Moon, in Jordan. Here, the filmmaker in 2010 he shot his film Incendies, and knew from the first moment that this location would be perfect to provide these sequences with the necessary drama.

If the film manages to have the same good reception in the United States on the day of its release in theaters and on HBO Max on October 22 as it has had in Europe, the second part of Dune it could be a reality. For that new installment, it is very likely that Villeneuve will again have the locations of Abu Dhabi and Jordan, since much of the action would take place in Arrakis again.

While that moment arrives and we can rediscover what Villeneuve has prepared for this next and possible installment, you can now enjoy Dune in Spanish cinemas and discover how Jason Momoa, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya, Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin give life to some of the protagonists of Herbert’s work.